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Uchuu, the most realistic virtual simulation in the universe

The largest simulation of the universe is now available on the Internet thanks to an international team of researchers, including scientists from the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). It has been baptized as “Uchuu”, which in Japanese means “outer space”.

The recreation of the most realistic universe to date has been possible thanks to the Japanese supercomputer ATERUI II, which took a full year to generate this simulation that we can enjoy through Youtube, since the supercomputer has a maximum performance of 3 Pflops.

Like a time machine

Uchuu simulates 2.1 trillion particles in a computational cube that is 9.63 billion light-years wide on each side.

Producing Uchuu required “the 40,200 processors (CPU cores) available exclusively for 48 hours per month,” Tomoaki Ishiyama, a computer scientist at Chiba University, said in a statement. “Twenty million computer hours were consumed and 3 petabytes of data were generated, the equivalent of 894,784,853 images from a 12 megapixel mobile phone.”

In the simulation “we can move forward, backward and stop in time, we can ‘zoom in’ on a single galaxy or ‘zoom out’ to visualize a complete cluster, we can see what is really happening at each moment and in each place in the universe. from its beginnings to the present , being a fundamental tool for the study of the cosmos ”.

You want to try? You can download the simulation from here.

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