AutoUrbanite Aygo grows older

Urbanite Aygo grows older

In 2014 the latest generation of the Aygo urbanite was born, which was renewed in 2018. For the first time, a model was created with a range of accessory possibilities capable of creating both subjective and identifying models with the customers who purchased them without forgetting the front distinctive in X that, in addition to making it a clear identifier, became a differentiator from its brothers that the PSA group (now Stellantis). Now, four years later, it has taken a giant leap and that X has also become its name, as the Aygo X enters the SUV segment so that customers who, in addition to needing an urban and practical car, are looking for height and space.

Before explaining the main novelties of a model that changes completely, let ‘s clarify the name of this generation . Hours before its official launch, this utility was called Aygo X (cross in English). In Spain it was very likely that people would end up mentioning Aygo ‘Equis’, something that the firm ruled out completely. So, from the headquarters in our country, they negotiated the introduction of the X Cross. Curiosities that happen behind the scenes and are interesting over time. We will see what we call it when the first units are already circulating through our streets. That will not be long because it is already available from 13,600 euros.

And when it arrives, its eye-catching design is sure to turn heads in its wake. The commitment to the off-road essence is a success for a model that has grown in all its dimensions, starting from the GA-B (TGNA) architecture that the Yaris presented at its launch. The most relevant of this growth is the trunk, which goes from 168 liters to 231 liters of capacity, expandable to 829 if we lower the seats. The new color combinations will not go unnoticed either: Cardamom, Chilli, Ginger and Juniper. All of them are combined with the black tone of the roof, which also reaches the rear wings, and a practicable roof that will be optional in our market. We still do not know the prices, nor the definitive configurations.

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