News“Usually only known from Amazon”: Kaufland customers are irritated...

“Usually only known from Amazon”: Kaufland customers are irritated by completely overpriced furniture

In Kaufland's online shop, dealers sell garden and beach chairs at exorbitant prices. This puzzles several customers who became aware of it.

Neckarsulm – Summer is gradually approaching, and the search for the right furniture for the garden has begun. Since the supermarket giant Kaufland took over Real's online shop, buyers have also found what they are looking for on the Neckarsulmer website. There are also numerous private vendors who, among other things, sell garden furniture on the so-called market square. Several garden chairs are currently attracting the attention of some observers. The reason for this is the horrendous price. As BW24 * reports, Kaufland customers are completely irritated by the overpriced furniture.

The Neckarsulmer not only took over online trading: Kaufland also took over 92 branches nationwide from Real ( BW24 * reported). * BW24 is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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