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Vaccination for nursing staff: the media report on questionable job applications

According to newspaper advertisements in Germany, hundreds of nurses are planning to change jobs because of compulsory vaccination. But some ads seem questionable according to media reports.

Berlin – From mid-March, a nationwide corona vaccination for nursing professions is to apply in Germany, but some representatives of the professional group are threatening to be dismissed and change industries. Now more and more advertisements from job seekers are appearing in daily newspapers. However, their authenticity is questionable in some cases.

This is suggested, for example, by a report by RBB journalist Andreas Rausch, who tried to contact the supposed job seekers for the local broadcaster in Berlin and Brandenburg and wrote down his experiences for the portal. The reason for this was an advertisement page in a Bautzen advertising newspaper, on which 126 job applications were listed. What they have in common: all came from healthcare workers, all from unvaccinated people.

Accumulation of job applications from unvaccinated people due to compulsory corona vaccination: RBB journalist investigates

After Rausch tweeted a photo of the site, users of the short message service pointed out that the ads could be at least partly fake. Such actions have been called for in relevant telegram groups. Rausch decides to call some of the numbers given.

In 18 cases he tries to make contact, in 18 cases he fails in his attempt to make contact. The journalist reports that some numbers are incomplete or not assigned. At a number that a nurse had given in her advertisement, a man answered the phone and hung up when asked for the nurse.

Job advertisements in the Franconian Day because of compulsory corona vaccination: accumulation is “unusual”

The advertising page of the Bautzener advertising newspaper is not the only one in Germany that recently attracted attention with a high number of job applications from unvaccinated people. Several media are currently reporting on the phenomenon. According to a report by the German Press Agency, the Bamberg newspaper Fränkischer Tag recorded more than 50 advertisements on Saturday. “This accumulation of similar advertisements is unusual. At first glance, it almost seemed as if it had been agreed,” said Gerhard Staudt, team leader of the order management of the media group Oberfranken.

The “Fränkische Tag” reported that in a Bamberg chat group of opponents of the Corona measures, unvaccinated nurses were called on to “flood” the newspaper with job advertisements. However, there is no irrefutable evidence of a connection to the accumulation of similar-sounding advertisements. According to the report, the newspaper nevertheless suspects that the advertising section of the newspaper “could have turned into a field of socio-political debate about compulsory vaccination”.

Compulsory corona vaccination for nursing staff comes in March: is there a threat of the nursing emergency getting worse?

However, the fact that some advertisements could be fakes does not mean that the introduction of compulsory vaccination could not exacerbate the problems of the nursing shortage many times over. For years, employees in the industry have been complaining about poor working conditions and poor pay, and the problems of the corona pandemic have exacerbated the situation in many areas. The job portal Stepstone reported that in a recent study in December and January, 42 percent of nursing staff said they were looking for a new job.

The so-called institution-related corona vaccination obligation was already decided in December and is to come into force on March 15, 2022. Then employees in facilities with vulnerable people such as clinics and nursing homes have to prove that they have been vaccinated against Corona or have recovered from Corona. In the past few days, the first calls have been made from countries to postpone the introduction of compulsory vaccination by a few weeks due to the approval of the Novavax vaccine. (ska with dpa)

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