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Violence against visitor child? Suspicion of murder after apartment fire

Rescue workers move out in Baden-Baden because of a fire. You find a dead girl in the fire house – and traces of a violent crime. Did the host father kill the six-year-old?

Baden-Baden – After a dead girl was found in an apartment fire in Baden-Württemberg, the 33-year-old host father is suspected of murder. As the public prosecutor and police announced on Monday, the six-year-old was visiting on Sunday night.

According to the investigators, traces in the burned-out apartment in Baden-Baden indicate a violent crime. An arrest warrant has been applied for against the 33-year-old, who is in a critical condition.

The girl was found on Sunday morning by emergency services who had been alerted about the fire in the Oosschänen district. The 33-year-old was taken to a clinic, passed out with smoke inhalation and injured. His son, who was also hospitalized, was taken into custody by the youth welfare office until further notice.

The cause of death is still unclear

“The police investigations are in full swing and focus on what happened before the fire broke out,” the statement said. An autopsy on Monday should bring more clarity. Securing evidence is difficult after the fire. They’ll take some time. The girl could only be identified after several hours.

The police had announced on Sunday that details would suggest that there had been a violent assault on the child in front of the fire in the apartment. At first there was talk of a five-year-old child. How the girl died was not known. According to a report by the SWR, it is said to have been a family friend with whom the girl stayed overnight. The public prosecutor’s office did not want to go into further detail when asked. dpa

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