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"VIP quarantine": Infected woman spends five hours in the plane's toilet

An American infected with corona stays in an aircraft toilet for five hours to avoid infecting other passengers.

Reykjavík – American Marisa Fotieo tested positive for Corona * on board an Iceland Air plane. Therefore, she voluntarily spent almost five hours in toilet quarantine. This was reported by several US media. Fotieo was reportedly on a flight from the United States to Iceland last week. Suddenly she got a severe sore throat, reported Bild on Sunday. She then took a quick test out of her luggage, went to a toilet and did a corona test *. The result was positive.

Marisa Fotieo informed a flight attendant. This informed her that there were not enough free seats on board to isolate the infected, so the picture. Fotieo then offered to “just stay in the bathroom for the rest of the flight”. She posted a video on TikTok. It shows the woman sitting on the toilet wearing two masks. Fotieo thanks the airline for their “VIP quarantine” in the description of the video. The post has been clicked more than four million times so far, according to the picture. In one of her TikTok clips, Marisa Fotieo had also said: “You have to do what you have to do.”

Corona on the plane: infected people had to be quarantined

Fotieo’s father and brother, who were on board with around 150 other passengers, were allowed to continue their journey to Switzerland after landing in Reykjavík. The infected woman had to be quarantined. It is still there today. Marisa Fotieo has since made friends with the stewardess Ragnhildur Eiríksdóttir. In an interview with NBC TV station, the corona infected person said: “She made sure that I had everything I needed in the five hours, from food to drinks, and she constantly checked me to make sure, that I’m fine. “

The flight attendant continued to look after her new friend after she landed and was quarantined in a hotel. “She bought me flowers and a small Christmas tree with lights so I could hang it up. It was so warm and she’s just an angel. ”The teacher told NBC that the quarantine in the bathroom was a“ crazy experience ”. It is not yet known why Corona was discovered at Fotieo before departure. (aba)

That is how high the risk of infection with the corona virus is when flying *. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA .

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