FunVirtual visits to museums: the favorite pastime during the...

Virtual visits to museums: the favorite pastime during the pandemic

Every year, May 18 is celebrated as International Museum Day. This year has been very different for pandemic-marked cultural activity around the world. However, museums have been able to adapt to the confinement situation, especially in the first wave, and have made the most of their digital formats. According to a survey by the Musement portal, a pioneering platform for booking activities, has concluded that the pastime My favorite during these months has been to take virtual tours of museums around the world. The survey carried out internationally shows some really positive data for the sector in terms of the number of virtual visitors they have received during the pandemic: their closure, capacity reductions, confinement, all this has pushed the users to visit museums even more, thanks also to their digitization efforts. According to the survey, 63% of Spaniards have made a virtual visit to a museum during the pandemic, exceeding the international average of 40% .All types of museums The survey highlights the variety of visits and different art centers that Spaniards have visited during this time of pandemic. Those of art are among the most visited with 80%; archaeological with 44%; and finally those of history exceeding 30% of virtual visits. The study has also revealed that currently visits are also taking place through virtual tours, although not in the proportion with which they were made during the strict confinement of the past months .The relaxation of the measures and the end of the state of alarm, have led many galleries and art centers to finally open their doors to receive visitors between specific security measures.International Museum Day It was in 1977, by initiative of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), when this day dedicated to art, archaeological and historical centers around the world began to be celebrated. It is an ideal date to visit and learn about our culture and history and, thanks to the new technologies, we can visit any museum in the world without leaving home. This year 2021, the central theme to celebrate this day is “The future of museums: recover and reimagine”. ICOM has invited the museums of the world to value their exhibitions, open them up to the world and imagine new business formulas for the future.

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