AutoVolvo leads the transition to a 100% sustainable automotive...

Volvo leads the transition to a 100% sustainable automotive industry

If Volvo was already known for being a pioneer brand in the safety of people behind the wheel, its new and ambitious energy transition plan makes it now an industry leader in caring for the planet. That’s right: Volvo wants to become a ‘full electric’ brand, not just in its vehicles, but throughout its entire production chain.

On October 16, Volvo Cars CEO Hakan Samuelsson introduced the world’s first 100% electric vehicle from Volvo: the New Volvo XC40 full electric . But this is not just any launch, it is the first step in a detailed sustainability plan: from now on, every new Volvo model will be electric and the brand will launch a purely electric one every year between now and 2025. And what it is. more; For the aforementioned year, the intention of the brand is that all its plants run on renewable energy.

With this approach, which falls under the Freedom to move campaign, Volvo estimates that it will be able to reduce the carbon footprint per vehicle over its entire useful life by 40%. 50% of this reduction will come from tailpipe emissions; another 25% would come from the reduction of CO2 originated by the supply chain; and the remaining 25% from a reduction in the CO2 emitted by the manufacture of the vehicle.

How will Volvo achieve its ambitious goal?

The automotive industry does not have to be alien to international commitments to preserve the environment. The Skövde factory in Sweden became the world’s first non-polluting factory in 2018, known as the climate neutral site. This commitment, which has been extended by other companies in China and the United States, is now the path that Volvo wants to take until it becomes climate neutral by 2040. A journey that can be carried out, among other things, thanks to the fact that manufacturing suppliers of vehicles maintain an increasingly firm determination in the use of environmentally friendly materials. Thus, Volvo wants to turn mobility into another ally of the sustainability of the planet , and of people’s lives.

Volvo rewards drivers with free electricity

Taking on the challenge of becoming the world’s most sustainable vehicle manufacturer requires everyone’s commitment. For this reason, Volvo wants to reward its most sustainable drivers: Volvo will give a year of electricity to customers who have bought a hybrid since October 16, 2019. An award for commitment to the sustainability of the planet, but which also serves to encourage Drivers to Increase Their Amount of Electric Driving: Driving in pure electric mode not only lowers your footprint on the environment, but also your operating costs.

Data from Volvo Cars shows that, in major European markets, Volvo’s plug-in hybrids are driven in pure or hybrid mode for 40% of the total distance of the journey , about half that of an all-electric vehicle.

Volvo connects with what is important: first, life; now the environment

In 1959, Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin introduced the three-point seat belt. From this innovation, which saves thousands of lives every year, Volvo maintains its spirit of commitment to what is important : first, safety at the wheel; and now, caring for the environment, vital to conserve our ecosystems and our quality of life.

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