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"We are both still hooked on the breast", María Castro's clear explanation of why she breastfeeds her nine-month-old baby

The actress and influencer María Castro is committed to breastfeeding , like many other mothers, to feed her two daughters. Olivia, the youngest, is still breastfeeding at only nine months old and accompanies her mother sometimes to make it possible, since the reconciliation of work and motherhood is sometimes a bit complicated.

But as he tells, he received a comment from a mother and a doctor recommending that he stop breastfeeding because it was going to end up taking a toll on him. His reaction has been very clear and he wanted to express it on his Instagram account. The actress assures that she is very happy to be able to continue this stage that they both enjoy: “We are both still hooked on the tit” and “it will be so until one of the two, or both, we decide that we move on to the next phase !!! “

“9 months in and 9 months out”

This is how the actress’s heartfelt testimony begins when her little daughter turns nine months:

“And yet, every minute that passes, I feel you more inside !!! When in reality, every minute that passes, you are more of the world …”.

You have used this happy event to defend your decision to continue breastfeeding, even if not everyone understands it.

“We are still hooked on the tit, both of us !!! And so it will be until one of the two, or both of us, decide that we move on to the next phase !!! ”.


These simple words, with which many mothers will feel identified, is a response to a comment he received from a woman encouraging him to stop breastfeeding Olivia:

“Maria, stop breastfeeding, because it is consuming you, and nutritionally it does not contribute anything, except that sweetie while sucking, nothing more!”.

In response, María Castro wrote this reflection:

“Nothing more and nothing less, right ???? I don’t know what you think about this comment, but it seemed to me that it summarized the chosen and free breastfeeding in such a simple way that it wasn’t even worth answering …! ”.

Of course, he is committed to respecting each mother’s decision on how to feed her baby, assuming that he also wants hers to be respected:

“Give, don’t give, give little, give a lot… that ‘sweetie while sucking’ that that mother was talking about, is the reason why today, and without sleeping at all (there was a night shoot all night long), I am leading to Gijón as a bolo! ”.

Family support is essential

Then he had to take a taxi, a train to Madrid, a car to the airport, a plane and again a car in which his parents were already going to help him with the little girl to get to the theater to act.

“My mother, the one who has rolled the chick !!!! Or should I say ‘the tit’! ”.

So he wanted to finish his reflection by thanking his family:

“THANK YOU once again for the effort of everyone, of the whole family, because thanks to this, we can continue to ‘choose’!”

And of course to your baby for all that he has given them since he has come into the family:

“AND THANKS TO YOU, Olivia !!!! For reaching out to our family to give it even more meaning and finish closing the circle (for now hahaha), and for granting Maia the important position of“ big sister ”!!! Which not only did he deserve a long time ago, but he exercises it with pride, pampering (a lot of pampering), patience, and absolute protection. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH … WE LOVE YOU ALL. HAPPY 9 MONTHS OLIVIA. Dad and mom ”.

I at least have identified with the words of María Castro on issues such as love for children, the importance of breastfeeding, the freedom to let each mother choose what she thinks is best for her children without feeling criticized and the importance of having grandparents close by to reconcile work and family, a difficult subject to overcome. What’s your opinion about it?

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