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We can propose to extend the breastfeeding permission from nine months to one year, and that both parents can enjoy it

Unidos Podemos yesterday presented a Proposal for a Co-Responsible Work Time Law, by which it proposes to extend the breastfeeding permit from the current nine months to the first year of the baby’s life. In addition, he wants this right of workers to be “duplicable”, that is, it can be enjoyed by both the mother and the father .

With this duplication of the permit, the purple training aims to continue advancing in matters of joint responsibility between men and women.

Nine months to one year and doubled

Breastfeeding leave is regulated in article 37.4 of the Workers’ Statute, and it is the right of the worker to reduce their working hours by half an hour at the end of the day, to be absent one hour, or to accumulate this leave in days up to that your baby turns nine months .

With the Podemos Law Proposition, the duration of the breastfeeding leave would be extended until the first year of life .

Currently, and as stated in the Workers’ Statute, breastfeeding leave can only be enjoyed by one of the two parents, something that Podemos also wants to change with its Proposition of Law, by including the duplication of this right and that both parents can access the permit and enjoy it at the same time .

As Podemos has explained, this duplicity would not be intended to facilitate breastfeeding, but rather to promote the sharing of responsibility between women and men.

These initiatives would be added to other proposals included, such as:

  • Duplication of the permit, also in the event that the newborn requires hospitalization within the period comprised in the three months following his birth.

  • Changes in the reduction of working hours for childcare, as well as the creation of a single leave of absence for the care of family members.

  • Reformulation of part-time work.

  • Prohibition of firing pregnant, breastfeeding or maternity leave workers.

As Podemos has announced, these proposals are intended to establish mechanisms that facilitate and favor conciliation and joint responsibility, and would go through modifying the Workers’ Statute and the General Law of Social Security.

Co-responsibility and equality

Last June, Unidos Podemos presented a bill to equalize maternity and paternity leave to 16 weeks , as a measure to promote joint responsibility in the care of children. This proposal was approved unanimously by all the parliamentary groups.

With the duplication of breastfeeding leave, Podemos aims to encourage the involvement of parents in the care of babies, to the same extent as mothers, so that they do not suffer employment discrimination.

Undoubtedly, this proposal is an important step for working mothers , and any progress made in terms of equality and co-responsibility in the care of children will always be welcome. But, in my opinion, there is still a long way to go to protect the rights of the baby.

These rights would go, first of all, through an extension of maternity leave to at least six months, so that if the mother has chosen to breastfeed, she can guarantee exclusive breastfeeding during this time recommended by the WHO.

And when the mother starts working it is important that, if she wishes, she can continue to breastfeed her child without physical or administrative obstacles ; counting on the support of your company, and with the measures and tools necessary to facilitate this right of mother and baby.

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