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Weather at the weekend: is spring finally coming? DWD with a clear prognosis

Germany expects mostly sunny weather at the weekend. In between, however, it can also get stormy and quite cold at night.

Germany – What’s next for the weather in March? After a very stormy and mixed February, March was announced to be drier and warmer. He should also keep this promise as far as possible. Recently, it was even assumed that this year’s March could be the driest since 1881.

For the coming weekend around March 19th, you can expect a lot of sun in Germany and mild temperatures during the day. Here and there, however, stormy gusts can also occur and during the night the temperatures will fall below zero again in many places, as the German Weather Service (DWD) predicts in its weather forecast.

First clouds and then gusts and sun: This is what the weather will be like on Friday (March 18)

Friday is the day of the so-called worm moon – the third full moon of the year 2022. According to the vernacular, it heralds spring. At noon and in the afternoon it can be even more cloudy, especially in the south. But towards the evening it loosens up. In general, however, it will be a sunny day, even if there are scattered patches of cloud across the sky in the north and east.

Precipitation is less to be expected, with the exception of East Thuringia and the Vogtland: Here there can still be some drizzle, which will subside over the course of the day.

The maximum temperatures on Friday are between 9 and 16 degrees. In the mountains they are between 7 and 12 degrees. A fresh and strong gusty wind will blow moderately from the north to north-east, primarily in the south-west. In the mountains, the gusts can occasionally be strong to stormy – even gusts of wind in mountainous areas. During the night there will be denser cloud fields with occasional drizzle. In the mountains there can be snow grains. Fog may occur locally. The night temperatures are between 4 and -4 degrees.

Lots of clouds and some rain: This is what the weather will be like on Saturday (March 19)

Saturday will be cloudy at times in the east, south and center of Germany. It may rain a little in places or there may be isolated showers. It can even snow again at higher altitudes. Otherwise it will be dry and partly cloudy over the sky. It will be particularly sunny in the northwest. In the afternoon it will also be clearer in the east.

The maximum temperatures on Saturday are between 8 and 13 degrees. In the west they can even rise to 15 degrees. Light to moderate winds will blow in the north. In the middle of Germany and in the south, it blows moderately to fresh and with strong gusts from the east. Occasional gusts of wind may occur again at higher altitudes.

In the evening and overnight it will remain cloudy in the southwest. Hardly any precipitation is expected here. Also few clouds and often clear. The temperatures drop to 3 degrees in the north-west – also in the north-west and on the Upper Rhine. In the eastern low mountain range, temperatures will drop to -5 degrees.

Sunshine and a little wind: This is what the weather will be like on Sunday (March 20)

On the day of the equinox, on Sunday, the sun shines in many places in Germany. A few clouds can only be seen in the far west. Overall it stays dry.

Temperatures will rise to between 10 and 15 degrees during the day. It gets a little cooler by the sea and at higher altitudes. A moderate to fresh and sometimes strong gusty east wind blows in the southwest, which can also bring stormy gusts in mountainous areas.

Monday night will be mostly clear. Temperatures drop to 4 to 0 degrees in the west and northwest. Otherwise on 1 to -5 degrees. The wind, which was initially blowing at higher altitudes with strong to stormy gusts, is weakening. (mda)* is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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