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Weather in Germany: After the summer weather, storms and heavy rain threaten

Choppy weather in Germany: Autumn continues very warm and sunny for the time being. But thunderstorms threaten on Tuesday. But there are also bright spots again.

Offenbach – There is still no autumn feeling with the partly midsummer temperatures in the weather in Germany. Meteorologists even expect that the month could be significantly too warm. For now it goes on like this. According to the experts, there could be up to 27 degrees on Tuesday (14.09.2021).

But then it gets uncomfortable: From Tuesday afternoon, new showers and thunderstorms * are coming from the west. Then local storms and heavy rain can be expected, said a meteorologist from the German Weather Service (DWD) * on Monday (13.09.2021). Then there will be a lot of rain * especially during the night and on Wednesday.

Graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung *, managing director of the weather service Q.met, even warns of flooding in places. “However, these are very limited regionally,” says Jung. As is so often the case, the western half of Germany is particularly affected.

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Choppy weather in Germany: Meteorologists expect thunderstorms, but with summer temperatures. (Symbol image)

Weather in Germany: At the weekend it will be warm and sunny again

On Thursday (September 16, 2021) it should be dry and sunny again, according to the German Weather Service. And meteorologist Jung also has good news for the weekend: “All in all, a new high then seems to be building up. That brings stable sunny weather when it will be a little cooler than before. “

The temperatures should then usually be between 20 and a maximum of 25 degrees, “it will probably not be as warm as it was last time,” explains Jung. And yet: A “fall in temperature in autumnal regions” cannot be seen at first, says Jung.

Autumn weather in Germany: is the weather about to change?

According to the weather expert, September is already too warm. “The temperatures are currently 2 degrees above the long-term climate mean. After the first third of the month, September only brought 12 percent of the usual amount of rain, so it is far too dry. ”Too little rainfall, but too much sun:“ The sunshine target is already 62 percent fulfilled. ”Autumn * apparently has to be patient a little longer.

How come We owe the September summer to Ida and, since the weekend, Larry – two ex-hurricanes, explains graduate meteorologist Jung. Larry is now getting involved in the weather in Europe.

Summer weather in Germany in September thanks to two ex-hurricanes

As a storm low near Iceland, the ex-hurricane pumps “very warm, but also very humid and humid air masses to us in Germany,” says weather expert Jung. So autumn is still a long way off. So far, high pressure areas * dominate the weather * in Germany.

So will the weather in the coming days

Monday: 19 to 28 degrees, lots of sunshine and dry

Tuesday: 21 to 29 degrees, first a lot of sun and very warm, later showers and thunderstorms from the west

Wednesday: 19 to 25 degrees, mixed, more showers and thunderstorms, sometimes heavy rain with flash floods

Thursday: 19 to 24 degrees, mix of sun, clouds and individual showers

Friday: 18 to 23 degrees, mixed, but quite warm, individual showers

Saturday: 18 to 24 degrees, mostly friendly and dry

Sunday: 17 to 23 degrees, not as warm as last, but always quite friendly

How will the autumn weather continue in the next few weeks? The meteorologists, who sometimes use different models as a basis for their calculations, do not yet agree on this.

If, for example, the experts from have their way, autumn does not have to be patient for too long: In the course of September, the temperatures should drop again as quickly as they rose. “The transition from September to October is supercooled,” predicts the meteorological team: “The temperatures are plummeting – including ground frost”.

Autumn and winter weather in Germany: the first forecasts are out

The American weather service NOAA publishes regular weather forecasts. Meteorologists had already made the first weather forecasts for autumn and winter * in August. Accordingly, the temperatures in September and October in Germany should be in the normal range.

Weather news *: All information about forecasts * on our topic page.

However, the graduate meteorologist Jung points out that such weather forecasts should not be regarded as classic weather forecasts. According to Jung, forecasts are merely “monthly climatological trends”. This can be used to determine whether a month is too warm or too cold, too wet or too dry. In the end, however, one has to wait and see what happens to these weather trends.

And what about snow this year? There are also initial forecasts for winter weather, snowfall and the question of whether we are facing an extreme winter. (judo) * and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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