NewsWeather in Germany: Autumn is approaching

Weather in Germany: Autumn is approaching

Summer is retreating more and more in Germany. At the weekend there is a first foretaste of autumn.

Frankfurt – The high pressure area “Hermelinde” has ensured a sunny September and has given Germany plenty of summer weather so far. While the summer months had rather mixed weather, September was much more pleasant. But the late summer weather now seems to be over. On the weekend from September 17th to 19th there is a first taste of autumn, which also has a few hours of sunshine in store.

According to the German Meteorological Service (DWD), Friday (September 17, 2021) starts cloudy in Offenbach, but in the course of the day the clouds loosen up and the sun keeps coming out. In the north-east of Germany there may be more showers, otherwise there will be a few weak showers in the northern half. In the south it remains dry after the last rains on the Alps have withdrawn.

Weather in Germany: Mix of clouds and sun at the weekend

According to the German Weather Service, the maximum values on Friday are between 17 and 23 degrees. On the night of Saturday (September 18, 2021) it will be very cloudy in the east, in some areas there will be showers. Otherwise it remains free of precipitation, the lowest temperatures are between 13 and six degrees during the night.

On Saturday there will be longer sunny sections in the southwest half of Germany, according to the DWD, in the northeast half it is cloudy and there will be rain in some areas. In the evening, the risk of showers increases in the extreme southwest. The temperatures rise compared to Friday from 18 degrees in Western Pomerania to 23 degrees on the Upper Rhine. On the night of Sunday (September 19, 2021) there is no precipitation, the lows are between twelve and seven degrees.

Weather in Germany at the weekend autumn

On Sunday there are not only some cumulus clouds but also longer sunny sections, it stays dry. In the extreme south it is very cloudy, there it can also come to heavy rain. The daily highs are between 16 and 22 degrees. On the night of Monday (September 20, 2021) it is still partly rainy at the edge of the Alps, otherwise there is local fog. The lows here are between eleven and six degrees. (msb)

For the winter weather in Germany there are already some first cautious forecasts. Accordingly, friends of snow and ice could look forward to this winter.

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