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Weather in Germany: Great summer instead of autumn – temperatures rise to over 30 degrees

Von Wegen Herbst: Hoch “Hermelinde” is currently making people feel late in summer when it comes to the weather in Germany. Weather experts even expect up to 32 degrees.

Offenbach – September promises to remain late in summer and in the coming days will probably even ensure the longest period of good weather in the entire summer * 2021. This is what weather expert Dominik Jung * reports in his current weather forecast. In the west and southwest of Germany, temperatures will climb up to 32 degrees in the next few days. The German Weather Service * in Offenbach predicts temperatures of up to 29 degrees for Hesse.

In addition to the high pressure area * “Hermelinde”, the center of which is currently over Eastern Europe, responsible for the late summer weather are also the foothills of Hurricane “Ida”, which caused some dramatic flooding in the USA last week. In Europe, however, “Ida” is now forcing some of the few hot days of the entire summer, Jung explains the current weather situation. In the past few days, high “Gaya” over Europe had already caused summer temperatures.

Sommerliche Temperaturen


With temperatures of up to 32 degrees, the new week brings the longest period of good weather of summer.

Weather in Germany: Forecasts promise hot late summer with heat and summer thunderstorms

Jung, managing director of the Qmet weather service, expects maximum temperatures of over 30 degrees, especially in the middle to the end of the week. The meteorologist is already forecasting temperatures between 23 and 30 degrees for Wednesday (September 8th, 2021), on Thursday it will be 24 to 32 degrees and on Friday 24 to 31 degrees. Thursday and Friday could occasionally come to thunderstorms * in addition to the summer heat.

According to the meteorologist, the international weather forecasts * are still divided on whether the summer will extend beyond this week: “The European weather model would extend the fine weather beyond the coming weekend. The US weather model, on the other hand, sees a drastic drop in temperature from Saturday / Sunday, ”reports Jung. It is not yet possible to predict with certainty which model of the two is correct. (ska) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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