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Weather in Germany: Heavy rains expected – sometimes even snow possible

Heavy rain is to be expected in eastern Germany. A deep brings cool sea air into the land. Temperatures remain sobering.

  • The weather will remain cold and wet in the coming days.
  • Low “Bruno” influences inconsistent weather in Germany.
  • Partly even with snow to be expected.

Update from August 27, 4:03 p.m.: The weather situation in Germany is relaxed shortly before the weekend – although in the uncomfortable summer trend 2021 it is quite cold for the end of August. The cool and inconsistent weather is caused by a low, the core of which lies firmly above Poland.

According to, the low altitude “Bruno” will bring heavy rainfall to Germany – until next week. The low pressure area is relatively stationary and directs rain areas and individual thunderstorms to Germany from northeast to north. A relief is therefore not to be expected at the start of the week either. Another meteorologist, however, warns the Republic * of floods and expects difficulties in certain areas.

Update from August 27, 9.41 a.m.: When will it be summer again? Quite a few people in Germany have asked themselves that in the past few weeks. At least not in the last weeks of August 2021. That is now clear. Temperatures have already dropped rapidly in the past few days. And the prospects for the coming days are not exactly warming either. Heavy rain can occur in northeast Germany, warns the German Weather Service (DWD).

The weather situation will be influenced in the coming days by a low that pulls south along the Oder and Neisse rivers. Along the depths, “cool sea air moves to Germany with a northerly current,” according to the DWD. Over the weekend, snow is even expected in locations over 2000 meters *.

Weather in Germany: Warning of heavy rain in the east – even snow expected in high altitudes

In the northeast, 20 liters per square meter are expected in 3 to 6 hours. Locally it can even come to over 35 liters per square meter. However, the rain subsided in the course of the morning. In addition, heavy rain can be expected on Friday, especially from Lusatia to the central low mountain range. There, too, more than 20 liters per square meter are expected.

Auschnitt der Wetter-Warnkarte des Deutschen Wetterdienstes im Osten Deutschlands. (Screenshot



For the rest of Germany, the DWD forecast for Germany remains largely mild: “Hardly any more showers and loosening in the northeast. In the southwest mostly dry and occasionally sunny. 14 to 20 degrees. Weak to moderate wind from north to northwest with stiff gusts on the North Sea and heavy showers. Weak west wind in the south. “

Weather warnings in Germany: Red alert for 39 districts – sometimes huge amounts of precipitation are possible

Update from August 23, 7.50 a.m.: In eastern Germany, the German Weather Service continues to warn of heavy rains on Monday morning. Longer lasting and strong heavy or continuous rain, sometimes lasting into the afternoon, are therefore possible. Precipitation amounts between 50 and 80 liters per square meter are expected. According to the DWD, quantities of around 100 liters per square meter are also possible within a narrow local area. Red alert – a level 3 storm warning – currently applies to a total of 39 districts.

Eine Wetterkarte Deutschlands.


The DWD warns of heavy rains, especially in eastern Germany.

Weather in Germany: Official warnings of heavy rains

Update from August 22nd, 10:00 p.m .: Heavy rains have hit Germany. At the beginning of the night, the German Weather Service warns especially the region between Erfurt, Dresden and Potsdam of heavy rainfall. An official level 3 severe weather warning applies here, level 2 severe weather warnings apply to the Alpine foothills and parts of Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia.

Until Monday evening at 6 p.m., rain amounts of 50 or 80 liters per square meter cannot be ruled out in many regions, locally it can also be up to 100 liters. Most of the rain does not fall over the entire period up to Monday evening, but mostly concentrated over six hours. The flood control centers have not received any flood warnings.

Weather: Official warnings of heavy rains: More than normal throughout August

First report from August 22nd, 3:18 p.m .: Munich – From Sunday to Monday, rain and thunderstorms * are to be expected in the east and south-east of Germany. Large amounts of rain can be expected, especially on Sunday evenings and well into the night. In an area in the east from northern Thuringia and Saxony via Saxony-Anhalt to the Berlin area, larger amounts of rain are expected until Monday afternoon, as the German Weather Service (DWD) announced on Sunday in Offenbach. There is an official warning * of level two.

The weather forecast includes heavy and sometimes thunderstorm increased rainfall. In individual regions within the marked area, especially with repeated showers and thunderstorms, storm-like precipitation amounts of 50 to 100 l / m² can fall.

Weather in Germany: Partly “thunderstorm increased rainfall” to be expected

According to the DWD, it is expected that there will be “heavy, sometimes thunderstorm, increased rainfall”. This can lead to amounts of precipitation of 50 to 100 liters per square meter. This amount of precipitation * normally falls in these regions throughout the month of August. With these amounts, basements could fill up or streets could be flooded.

But warnings also apply to parts of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Among other things, the weather warning level red * applies to some districts in Bavaria: Regensburg, Ansbach, Augsburg and Bayreuth are currently affected. There it can come to gusts of wind with speeds of around 80 kilometers per hour and heavy rain. Precipitation amounts between 15 and 25 liters per square meter are expected.

Heavy rain and hail in Baden-Württemberg around Baden-Baden and Offenburg

In Baden-Württemberg, the warning level red applies to the Baden-Baden area and in the Offenburg area. There, too, there is a warning of severe thunderstorms with heavy rain and hail. Precipitation amounts of up to 40 liters per square meter are expected.

After a short summer appearance with lots of sun on Saturday, the weather turned cloudy at the beginning of the week. While only a few showers and thunderstorms are forecast for the west and south-west on Monday, people, especially in the east and south-east, have to be prepared for more rain and falling temperatures. The current Azores high * brings this onset of summer in Germany. (nai with dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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