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Weather in Germany: Ice saints strike – A cold hammer threatens on Ascension Day

How is the weather in Germany on Father’s Day? The ice saints could cause frost. In view of the prognoses for Ascension Day, tension rises.

Offenbach – In Germany, on Ascension Day, also known as Father’s Day, many people are drawn outside. Traditionally, of course, mainly fathers who pull the handcart through the streets. Are Father’s Day tours possible this year, at least on a small scale, or does the day literally fall into the water? First forecasts * give an outlook on the weather * and that gives little hope.

The second public holiday in May is officially called Ascension Day. Christians commemorate Jesus’ return to heaven on this day. Ascension Day is a public holiday and citizens everywhere in Germany have a day off. Because it always falls on a Thursday, many people take vacation on the following Friday to enjoy a long weekend. Father’s Day has also been celebrated on Ascension Day since the 19th century. But will the weather also play a part in 2021?

Weather in May Average values in Germany
Mean temperature minimum 16.8 degrees
Mean temperature minimum 7.2 degrees
Mean monthly total precipitation 69.2 mm
Average number of hours of sunshine per day 6.8 hours
Average number of days with precipitation 11 days
Source: German Weather Service (DWD)

Weather in Germany – will it be really warm on Father’s Day 2021? Dark prognoses

May was long considered a blissful month and scored points with many hot days, but this year it could be very different. Meteorologists predict insane roller coaster weather for the last month of spring. Initially, these are not good prospects for Ascension Day. Last year, Germany had fantastic weather on Father’s Day. Sometimes even 30 degrees Celsius * were reached. Also in 2019 you couldn’t complain about the weather.

The maximum values on Father’s Day 2019 were between 17 and 22 degrees. In general, the weather in Germany is often very summery on the holiday. So the bar for 2021 is high. But in recent years, the holiday fell more towards the end of the month. This year it is already on May 13th, 2021 and there is another decisive factor.

Corona macht es den Vatertags-Touren ohnehin schon schwer – doch jetzt könnte auch das Wetter in Deutschland den Plänen an Christi Himmelfahrt einen Dämpfer verpassen. (Archivbild)


Corona is already making it difficult for Father’s Day tours – but now the weather in Germany could put a damper on the plans for Ascension Day. (Archive image)

Weather on Father’s Day 2021 in Germany: Ice saints fall exactly on a public holiday – What does that mean?

Because the ice saints * fall exactly on Ascension Day. They are known for late ingress of cold air and can even bring frost to Germany again. “May could be really turbulent in its first half,” says meteorologist Dominik-Jung from the weather service Q.met opposite the weather portal That makes it really exciting for 2021.

Exact forecasts for Ascension Day are not yet possible, but the first trend does not look good. In any case, Mother’s Day in 2021 has the better chance of fantastic weather. Top values of up to 30 degrees are possible. But shortly afterwards, according to current calculations, the temperatures would plummet, says Jung. The air flow changes directly again, cold air masses come from northern directions. Ground frost is then also possible again. So Father’s Day 2021 will probably not be able to keep up with the weather of the past year.

News about the weather *: The latest news about forecasts on our topic page.

Weather: will Father’s Day fall in the water in 2021? “Little stable weather” in Germany

However, it remains to be seen whether the air masses will bring cold weather on Father’s Day. Because “May will obviously not bring stable weather,” says Jung. It doesn’t look particularly good for Father’s Day tours at the moment. Then there is the Corona * pandemic. Depending on the development, it could be a quiet holiday that is more likely to be spent in close family at home. And after spring * comes summer, which, however, according to the current trend, is particularly worrying in one area. (svw) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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