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Weather in Germany: is the end of summer threatening? Thunderstorms follow after a hot weekend

First sun, then thunderstorm: After the hot weekend in Germany, the weather immediately cools down. Storm threatens.

Offenbach – Enjoy the last rays of sunshine again – this weekend should be particularly taken to heart. Germany can expect up to 30 degrees and plenty of sunshine: After that, the weather * should lead to a “real crash”. Autumn air and thunderstorms with severe weather potential are imminent, according to the forecasts of the meteorologists.

“From Sunday, strong thunderstorms and storms are possible in places,” reports meteorologist Adrienne Jeske from Although the temperatures on Saturday (August 21, 2021) should be in a summery range *, according to forecasts, autumn should greet you after the heat weekend. On Saturday it could even be up to 30 degrees Celsius * in Germany, whereupon the weather on Sunday (August 22nd, 2021) should change in Germany: “There will be a thunderstorm with a cold front.”

Weather in Germany: after a heat wave follows a cold front

According to the German Weather Service (DWD) * based in Offenbach, on Sunday (22.08.2021) there will be “spreading, shower-like rain and sometimes strong thunderstorms *” in large parts of the country. “In the west it stays much cooler because there the cold front comes and puts an end to the bathing weather”, says Jeske. “In the west, rain showers come in on Sunday,” it continues.

Nach der Hitzewelle am Wochenende soll sich in vielen Teilen Deutschlands der Herbst bekannt machen.


After the heat wave over the weekend, autumn should make itself known in many parts of Germany.

The maximum values should be between 18 and 25 degrees, while in the southeast and east with sunshine it should even be up to 27 degrees, according to the German Weather Service (DWD). On the night of Monday (23.08.2021) there will be “heavy thunderstorms and long-lasting rain” in northern Germany and, according to the German Weather Service, “gradually decreasing, shower-like rains”. The lowest temperature will be between 16 and 9 degrees.

Weather news *: All information about forecasts * on our topic page.

Weather in August in Germany: is summer over?

According to the meteorological definition, autumn 2021 begins on September 1st. But according to the forecast, autumn may even be announced earlier. As meteorologist Adrienne Jeske reports, it should be rather “changeable with clouds and showers” in the coming week from Monday (23.08.2021). In the last third of September, according to long-term models, there are already signs of the first nights of frost on the ground, according to In other words, things will still be exciting in September: There are still a few upward outliers, especially in the middle of the month.

A first weather trend for the coming winter in Germany is already there. Especially friends of snow and ice can look forward to it. (Yasemin Kamisli) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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