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Weather in Germany: New storms and heavy rain threaten – also in flood areas

The weather in Germany remains tense. This weekend there is a threat of new thunderstorms with heavy rain – storms are also possible again.

Offenbach – The weather in Germany relaxed a little for a short time. But new storms are already on the march. From France, a low pulls over the country and that could hit the flood regions again. An expert warns of possible flash floods.

Deep “Bernd” hit Germany with full force and caused dramatic devastation, especially in the West. Many people died in the flood disaster. The current task for survivors is to clear away mud and debris from their homes and the streets. After the weather * was a bit calmer again, warnings of new storms are now being issued again. The situation is expected to tip a little again at the weekend.

Weather in Germany: New storms on the march – expert warns of flash floods

On Saturday and Sunday (July 24th and 25th, 2021) an unstable and humid weather situation should set in again in Germany. The low from the west brings again cool air masses and these hit existing humid and humid areas. The result is new showers, thunderstorms * and storms *, which could also threaten the flood areas * in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. According to graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung * from, heavy rain with 20 to 40 liters of rain * per square meter is possible locally.

Day forecast
Thursday (July 22nd, 2021) 21 to 30 degrees, in the south a lot of sun and sometimes very warm, to the north still clouds
Friday (23.07.2021) 22 to 32 degrees, mostly friendly and dry
Saturday (July 24th, 2021) 25 to 33 degrees, first sun, then showers, thunderstorms and storms from the west
Sunday (July 25th, 2021) 24 to 29 degrees, muggy and always strong thunderstorms with heavy rain
Monday (07/26/2021) 22 to 27 degrees, more showers and thunderstorms
Tuesday (07/27/2021) 21 to 28 degrees, the unstable weather situation continues, more showers and thunderstorms

“We do not expect extensive precipitation like last Wednesday and Thursday, but there can be strong thunderstorms here and there”, explains Jung. Heavy rain is possible at certain points and, according to the weather expert, there is a risk of local flash floods.

Weather: New storms threaten flood regions – “It is important to keep an eye on the situation”

Especially in the flood areas, this weather is not without danger. Because in the regions the soil is still extremely soft and churned. “That can easily trigger new landslides, but also briefly rising river levels. It is important to keep a close eye on this situation, ”warns Jung.

Dunkle Wolken eines Gewitters


Again the weather in Germany is uncomfortable. Thunderstorms, heavy rain and storms threaten. (Symbol image)

This time, however, according to Jung, not every region will be affected. “But where such a strong thunderstorm unloads, it can be pretty dangerous.” RTL meteorologist Patrick Panke also confirms that the low that is approaching Germany is currently not comparable with low “Bernd”. “It will move on relatively quickly and will therefore not take on these devastating proportions. Nevertheless, there is a risk of repeated storms locally due to heavy rain, hail and squalls ”, the meteorologist told RTL.

Weather in Germany: Deep creates new thunderstorms with heavy rain – Which regions are affected?

So far, the west and south-west of Germany in particular has been threatened by the new storms. New showers and sometimes strong thunderstorms are forming locally in North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, but also Hesse and Baden-Württemberg. It remains to be seen which regions will be hit by the uncomfortable weather.

Weather news *: All information about forecasts * on our topic page.

Will the stormy summer continue in July? A high in the Azores caused summer weather again in the middle of the month, but that seems to be over now. For August, too, the long-term forecasts predict a lot of rain. In the east of Germany, the 30-degree mark could be cracked again, but according to the current trend, more is not possible for now, according to a report by (svw) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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