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Weather in Germany: "Warmth egg" brings a surprising turnaround in heat on Mother's Day

The weather in Germany left a lot to be desired in spring. But now a “warmth egg” is rolling in. It should be really warm on Mother’s Day.

Offenbach – The weather * in Germany is currently going crazy. While the temperatures soared to 22 degrees Celsius in February, spring * has so far lacked constant, beautiful phases. The longing for sunny days is great – and could now come true in May. Because current forecasts * predict 30 degrees Celsius * on Mother’s Day. But there is a big catch.

Until then, it will be quite turbulent. “May could bring very chaotic weather for the first ten days. Something of everything: storms * caused by heavy rain, again night frosts and then even briefly summer warmth. Nothing of long duration and always a wild back and forth ”, explains graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather service Q.met opposite the weather portal

Das Wetter in Deutschland spielt verrückt. Am Muttertag schießen die Temperaturen nach oben.


The weather in Germany is crazy. Temperatures shoot up on Mother’s Day. (Symbol image)

Weather in Germany: Forecasts see the first hot day on Mother’s Day

While very warm air masses have been lying over the south-east of Europe for a few days, it is rather too cold in western Europe. At first nothing will change that, but shortly before Mother’s Day there is a rapid change. Then, according to current forecasts, a “warmth egg” rushes in and brings summery weather. “On the Upper Rhine, around Mother’s Day, it would even be almost 30 degrees for the first time this year, making it the first hot day of the year,” reports Jung.

But there is no trace of constant and permanent high pressure weather with lots of sunshine and warmth. Because shortly after the heat high on Mother’s Day there is another sharp drop in temperature. Even ground frost is then possible again. “April does what he wants and May now apparently too. The chances of calm, stable and sunny May weather in the first half of the month are currently falling rapidly towards zero, ”predicts Jung.

News about the weather *: The latest news about forecasts on our topic page.

Weather in Germany: roller coaster ride in May continues

The long-term forecast for the weather in May in Germany confirms this trend. The temperatures are still on a rollercoaster ride, and according to current forecasts, stable high-pressure weather is not yet in sight. The weather in summer could be a bit more extreme. The long-term prognoses assume moderate warmth, but Jung does not rule out larger heat waves. (Christian Weihrauch) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA .

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