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Weather in Germany: will June fall into the water? Expert with a gloomy summer forecast

People in Germany are finally hoping for an improvement in the weather in June. An expert’s forecast is sobering, however.

Offenbach – Germany is shivering and looking forward to summer. There has been no trace of spring * or even early summer temperatures since the heat hammer on Mother’s Day. But will the weather * finally get better again in June – and above all warmer? Expert and graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather service Q.met gives little hope in this regard.

Not only felt the weather in Germany in spring 2021 was clearly too cold. As the expert announces, this feeling is also borne out by the bare figures: “It was the coldest April in 40 years. It is currently the coldest May in 10 years and now we are also receiving the cold receipt for the entire spring of 2021. This currently has an average temperature of 6.5 degrees *, says Jung. It was last that cold in 1987, but then even a little colder. The average temperature was 6.1 degrees according to the weather records. “So we are currently experiencing the coldest spring (March, April and May) in 34 years,” says Jung. So the hopes of the people in Germany rest on June. Especially after the mixed weather in May. But does the first official summer month keep what it promises?

Weather in June Average values in Germany
Mean temperature minimum 11.5 degrees
Mean temperature maximum 20 degrees
Average monthly total precipitation 81.3 mm
Average number of hours of sunshine per day 7.1 hours
Average number of days with precipitation 11 days
Source: German Weather Service

Weather in Germany: does summer start in June? Expert gives little hope

The expert’s forecast for June weather in Germany is sobering. “The prospects for summer * are no better either. The US weather service NOAA expects an average summer. For the first time in years, NOAA’s summer forecast shows no orange or red colors over Germany, i.e. no positive temperature deviations, ”Dominik Jung explains to the weather portal In the recent past, in particular, people in Germany are used to “too warm” summers – also in view of climate change. “But this year everything is different,” says Jung. So it’s not good news for the Germans who have been drenched in the sun in the past few years.

Wechselhaftes Wetter mit Stürmen, Schauern und kühlen Temperaturen sind die Menschen aus dem Frühling 2021 bereits gewohnt. Aber wie wird der Juni? Ein Experte macht wenig Hoffnung auf Besserung. (Archivbild)


People from spring 2021 are already used to changeable weather with storms, showers and cool temperatures. But how will June be? An expert gives little hope of recovery. (Archive image)

Instead of temperatures above 25 degrees and plenty of sun, the summer month of June threatens to fall into the water. “The summer should only be average, it would probably feel like a ‘too cold’ summer for most of us, because we’re only used to ‘warm’ summers,” explains the weather expert. The warm season of the year in Germany has a hard time getting going, just like spring. The general weather situation with cool temperatures, plenty of rain * and even one or the other thunderstorm * is currently bogged down.

Weather in June: Warmer air masses avoid Germany – “Very bitter prospects”

Warmer air masses, on the other hand, steer clear of Germany. Dominik Jung speaks of “very bitter prospects, especially since we are currently still not really able to travel to warm regions. Now June threatens to get supercooled ”. The people of the eastern Mediterranean and Russia were able to enjoy better weather in spring. In Moscow there was already midsummer weather with temperatures around 30 degrees. Germans can only dream of that at the moment. And with no concrete prospect of improvement: “We are stuck in the cold hole and that for an indefinite period of time”, Dominik Jung makes a gloomy June forecast.

News about the weather *: The latest news about forecasts on our topic page.

A very similar forecast for the weather in Germany also results from the model of the European weather service. There it is assumed that June will be too cool. “So summer is not yet getting underway,” says Jung, summarizing the forecasts for the first month of summer.

Weather in Germany: Rain relieves the strain on nature – heat waves possible

The current situation has something good, at least for nature: the heavy rain in spring at least helps to compensate for the significant precipitation deficit of recent years. Summer weather with heat and drought would be a disaster for nature in Germany. According to current weather forecasts *, the summer will be a bit too dry overall, as Dominik Jung explains: “So it doesn’t look like a too cool and wet summer. Rather a too cool and slightly too dry summer. After the warmth of the past few years, this could just be a feel-good summer. But one way or another: these are all just trends. Nobody should plan their vacation accordingly. “

Because – and with that the meteorologist gives people in Germany a little hope – “at some point the weather situation will also change.” When the time will come cannot be predicted at this point in time. “Of course, that doesn’t rule out the possibility that there might be a short heat wave or two this summer,” says Jung. (Yannick Wenig) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA .

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