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Weather in Hessen: In which regions there could be a white Christmas

Shortly before the holidays, many wonder: is there a white Christmas? We have summarized the weather forecasts for Hessen.

Kassel – Finally a white Christmas again – that’s what many people want. After all, there is nothing more beautiful than a white snow landscape and a decorated Christmas tree in the living room. In the last few decades, however, a white Christmas has become increasingly rare in many regions, until it finally stopped.

At Christmas in 2010, Hesse was completely covered by a blanket of snow for the last time. But this year the weather * could change. In individual regions in Hesse, snow at Christmas is not entirely unlikely.

Christmas weather: is there snow on public holidays in Hessen?

Of course, the likelihood of snow increases with altitude. Accordingly, a white Christmas is more likely in higher altitudes. For example, snow is possible on the Feldberg im Taunus in southern Hesse. But not only there, snow can also be expected in the Rhön and on the Wasserkuppe. HR weather experts assume a probability of over 70 percent here.

Weiße Weihnachten in Hessen: In welchen Regionen Schnee zu Heiligabend nicht gänzlich unwahrscheinlich ist.


White Christmas in Hessen: In which regions snow is not entirely unlikely on Christmas Eve.

But not only the Hessians, who live in higher regions, can hope for snow. Even those who live in Northern Hesse can look forward to a white miracle on Christmas Eve. According to the HR forecast, it will be very cold in Kassel on December 24th. Snowfall can therefore be expected, especially in the evenings and at night.

White Christmas: Rainy weather can be expected in southern Hesse

In contrast, it looks more rainy in southern Hesse. In the Rhine-Main area around Darmstadt and in Frankfurt, it is very unlikely that it will snow. According to weather expert Dominik Jung from, December has so far been too warm overall. In southern Hesse, rain is to be expected instead of snow. This is due to the milder air that reaches the cities in the south of Hesse on Christmas Day.

So far it is unclear how the weather will continue after the Christmas holidays. Here, the opinions of the experts differ. Even at the beginning of December, the experts were already divided on the weather for Christmas. While some meteorologists saw snow as very likely, others ruled out a white Christmas early on. (ebb) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

List of rubric lists: © Sebastian Gollnow / dpa

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