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Weather: Lightning winter is coming to Germany – with icy polar air approaching

Winter is coming – with polar air and snow. Meteorologists predict extremely cold mountain air over Germany from Thursday.

Kassel – So it still exists, winter. So far it has brought little wintry weather and rather mild temperatures*, but extremely cold polar air could move over Germany in the next few days. Weather expert Dominik Jung speaks of a “lightning winter” in current forecasts.

So far, the polar vortex has not had a major impact on winter* in Germany. According to meteorologists, however, extremely cold mountain air could flow over Germany from the north on Thursday (02/20/2022) and Friday (01/21/2022) and bring back the winter.

Onset of winter in Germany: weather expert announces heavy snow showers

In the course of the lightning winter on Thursday and Friday, there can sometimes be heavy snow showers down to low altitudes, announces qualified meteorologist Dominik Jung from It may briefly turn white during heavy showers. However, the snow in the lowlands is unlikely to stay put. A thin layer of snow could only form from 400 to 600 meters.

Der Winter kommt: Laut Wetter-Experten erwartet uns in den kommenden Tagen Polarluft und Schnee in Deutschland. (Symbolbild)


Winter is coming: According to weather experts, polar air and snow await us in Germany in the coming days. (symbol photo)

However, up to 10 or 15 centimeters of snow can fall in the low mountain ranges. On Thursday (01/20/2022) it will also be very windy, so snowdrifts must be expected at higher altitudes. There will certainly be traffic problems in the low mountain ranges on Thursday. Already at the weekend, the German Weather Service (DWD) announced severe gusts of wind* in its warning situation report.

There could be snowstorms over the low mountain ranges during the lightning winter on Thursday and Friday. At an altitude of around 1500 meters, temperatures can then drop from the current 2 to 4 degrees to minus 8 to minus 12 degrees.

Flash Winter: “48 Hour Winter” can bring storms and thunderstorms

On Thursday (01/20/2022) even thunder and lightning are possible. “There can be brief winter thunderstorms, which is an exciting weather development. A 48-hour winter is coming to Germany,” reports qualified meteorologist Dominik Jung on

However, from the weekend it will be milder again. “A lowland winter with permafrost and permanent snow cover all the way down is simply not in sight in Germany,” said the meteorologist. January is currently even a whopping 4 degrees too warm.

More weather news* is available on the HNA topic page.

Weather in Germany: Winter remains changeable and cloudy

In the coming days, the winter weather will be changeable and cloudy. According to meteorologist Jung, this is how winter will continue:

Wednesday (01/19/2022): 3 to 7 degrees, mixed, lots of haze and fog, mostly dry
Thursday (01/20/2022): 1 to 5 degrees, wet and cold, from 400 m it gets white, sometimes heavy snow showers and slippery roads, snowdrifts
Friday (01/21/2022): 0 to 6 degrees, changeable weather with snow showers
Saturday (01/22/2022): 0 to 7 degrees, milder again and cold and wet, a few showers
Sunday (01/23/2022): 2 to 8 degrees, mixed, isolated showers again and again, from 500 to 600 m as snow
Monday (01/24/2022): 2 to 8 degrees, mostly dry, mix of clouds, fog, haze and drizzle

According to Jung, the quick winter visit on Thursday (01/20/2022) and Friday (01/21/2022) is already over at the weekend. Then the mild weather continues. For the February weather, the weather experts also have little hope of much cold and snow. (Helena Gries) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Rubriklistenbild: © Edijs Palens/dpa

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