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Weather: polar vortex splits – expert expects cold snap in March

So far the weather in March is warm and dry. A weather expert expects a cold snap and gives a specific date for the change in weather.

Kassel – March 2022 will probably break old records. At least that’s what graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung says. “So far there have been almost 120 hours of sunshine. The record is around 190 hours of sunshine,” says Dominik Jung from the weather service Q.met. It has also been a very dry March so far. Temperatures are already 0.8 degrees higher than the long-term climate mean. And this should continue to rise.

In contrast to Dominik Jung’s forecast, weather expert* Jan Schenk expects another cold snap – at least in the short term. For everyone who was looking forward to more hours of sunshine and rising temperatures, the current development can come as a shock forecast.

Ein Polarwirbel könnte dafür sorgen, dass es in Deutschland im März noch einmal zu Frost kommt. (Symbolbild)


A polar vortex could ensure that there will be another frost in Germany in March. (icon picture)

Weather forecast: cold snap in Europe or warm spring weather?

According to Jung, there should be between 10 and 12 hours of sunshine a day in the next few days. This will definitely break the record. He doesn’t expect rain. “But with lots of sunshine, a high pollen count and a moderate risk of sunburn at lunchtime and in the early afternoon.” Jung even speaks of a possible drought of the century*, since the values are below the current record.

Saturday (03/19/22) 9 to 14 degrees, lots of sun, clouds in the middle and some rain
Sunday (03/20/22) 12 to 17 degrees, friendly and dry
Monday (03/21/22) 13 to 19 degrees, friendly and dry
Tuesday (03/22/22) 14 to 20 degrees, lots of sunshine and dry
Wednesday (03/23/22) 13 to 19 degrees, sunny and dry
Thursday (03/24/22) 13 to 19 degrees, great spring weather

Cold snap in Germany and Europe: Weather experts disagree

Meteorologist Jan Schenk, on the other hand, makes a completely different forecast. In his video from Friday (March 18th, 2022) he describes the consequences of the change in weather: “For us that means a bit of frost or maybe even a bit of snow.” The reason for this is the so-called polar vortex. This polar vortex also caused icy days in Germany in winter. “A high pressure area is moving far north from Europe, and at the same time another high pressure area is approaching from the Pacific. Both highs meet above the North Pole and thus cut the polar vortex in two,” explains Schenk.

As a result of this situation, the polar vortex cannot come back until September. This means that cold air can no longer form over the North Pole. However, the already existing cold air can now move towards the south. So we have to expect a cold air upheaval in Germany around March 25th. North America and Asia are also affected. The polar vortex is cut and divided every year. It “disintegrates unusually early this year. That could therefore affect our spring forecast,” explains weather expert Schenk. (fh) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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Weather: polar vortex is "cut" – expert expects a cold snap in March

The weather in March is warm and dry so far. However, a meteorologist expects a cold snap and gives a specific date for the turning point.

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Polar vortex collapses – expert expects cold snap in March

So far the weather in March is warm and dry. However, a meteorologist expects a cold snap and gives a specific date for the change in weather.

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