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Were you a victim of bank fraud? this you can do

This year, bank fraud has had double-digit growth compared to 2021, according to data from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System.

Only between last January and April, 32,251 frauds were registered. Since the beginning of the pandemic, this type of crime has had a considerable rise due to the fact that bank users were contacted by criminals by phone or message.

Banks launched a campaign to prevent users from giving out personal data; however, fraud continues to be committed.

What to do in case of bank fraud

If the fraud of which you were a victim was through a call, where the thieves said they were from the bank and asked for personal information, immediately call your financial institution and ask them to block your card and replace your plastic.

Cards can also be turned off in the mobile app.

If the fraud you fell into was an express loan, you need to go to the delegation to file a complaint against the firm and file a complaint with the Condusef.

Can I get my money back?

If you were the one who gave your personal data, the bank will not be responsible for the money that they have stolen from you. The bank has issued messages asking users not to provide confidential information because if they do, it is impossible for them to return your money.

In the event that the fraud was via a credit or debit card, it is still possible that you can reconcile with the Condusef.

Recommendations to prevent fraud

Creditas suggests that you never go with companies that promise you a loan in less than five minutes or that promise not to check the credit bureau.

If you are going to download an app, check and read carefully what data you are going to share, since some fraudulent companies ask you for access to your contacts or photographs, which usually have sensitive information.

Do not give money in return. Some companies ask you for money with the excuse that it is used for management procedures and that is a lie that will surely end up in an expensive and unfortunate fraud.

Check that the financial institution you go to is registered in the Condusef Financial Services Providers Registration System (SIPRES), you can consult the link.

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Not providing the INE credential, even when you visit a museum, and never losing sight of your cards when paying for your products or services can prevent you from having bad times.

Are you going to fill gasoline? Take care of your card from scams!

Authorities warn that fraud in recent months occurs due to human factors, so it is important to always keep bank plastic in sight.

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The winning participants will also receive kits with financial education materials.

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The 'insiders' within the banks for years have become an issue that requires attention, because the human factor will always be the most manipulated and influenced, considers Carlos Ramírez.

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