EntertainmentMovies & TVWestworld creator unveils “Reminiscence” trailer with Hugh Jackman

Westworld creator unveils “Reminiscence” trailer with Hugh Jackman

The creator of Westworld (she shares authorship with her husband Jonathan Nolan) has released the first trailer and poster of a genre in which she seems to move extremely well, science fiction. Lisa Joy presents a film with multiple references ranging from Blade Runner to any genre of film noir (even a bit of the Origin of her brother-in-law, Christopher Nolan). The official synopsis of Reminiscence places the story in a flooded Miami city, far from the paradise that it is in the present. In it, a detective named Nick Bannister searches through the lost memories of his clients with the help of a machine that allows him to immerse himself in that field known as reminiscence, those blurred memories that give the work its title. Everything will turn 180 degrees when I search for the lost love of years ago. In addition to Hugh Jackman, the main cast is completed by an old Westworld acquaintance, Thandie Newton and Rebecca Ferguson who will be Mae, the woman who needs to find the detective. The supporting cast includes actors such as Cliff Curtis, Natalie Martinez, Angela Sarafyan, Daniel Wu, and Brett Cullen. Filmnation Entertainment produces and Warner Bros will distribute the story following its 2021 release policy, with Reminiscence coming out around the same time in theaters (August 27) and on HBO Max on August 20. Something that doesn’t seem to bother Joy, but directors like Nolan himself or Denis Villeneuve do seem like a bad decision. Sci-Fi Film Noir This world full of darkness and memories refers directly to those stories of the Nolan brothers, who are so obsessed they seem to be with the world of memories and dreams, see Memento or Origin.Mae represents that femme fatale figure that often swims so much between the most fatal antagonism and victimhood that the protagonist tends to obsess over. Paul Cameron (Collateral, The Fire of Vengeance), another Westworld regular, directs the photography that like any dystopian setting will play an important role in the final production that we see in the trailer. “Reminiscence” (Warner Bros) The official poster in turn, also refers Blade Runner with Jackman in the center, getting wet in the middle of a flooded Miami.

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