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What does it mean to dream of your ex after a long time?

Who else and who has dreamed of their former love, but if this happens for a long period of time, then maybe it means something. This is what psychology reveals. Find out what it means to dream about your ex.

Although there are no scientific bases for this, there are those who believe that the meaning of dreams and everything that they dream means something. Always being with the ex in the mint, even when we sleep it may be that it is more present in our life than we thought.

Why do you dream about your ex

According to modern psychology, it is when we are sleeping that the most feelings arise, those that are most hidden and therefore seem to be more present when we rest.

You miss his qualities

Mundopsychologists to know that, sometimes, dreaming of an ex-boyfriend may be related to the fact that you are missing him.

Be it just one of his qualities (such as why he was affectionate or careful with you) or because you feel lonely , this is one of the most logical interpretations of this dream.

You have not forgotten

It is clear that if your ex is even in your dreams, you have not forgotten him. It is clear that you are not going to do it strictly, but we mean that you can still feel something towards this person.

It’s like it’s still yours because it’s always there. When you no longer render love to him, then he disappears from your life and other actions and things appear in your dreams.

Pending issues

Other meanings focus on the fact that the relationship was left there in the air, it is broken but not completely, because there is still talk because there are pending things to settle. This happens sometimes when we go around this situation. The ideal is to talk, end well and you will see how your ex will not come out so many times in your thoughts.

You are missing something in life

Mundopsychologists names that a fact of dreaming about your ex is because you are missing in your life. By dreaming, it can remind you that there is a void in your life that you want to fill. You may not be looking for a partner but simply more social contact.

Think about these reflections and if this happens to you and has an explanation like the ones we have seen above. So consider whether you should talk to him or eliminate him from your life once and for all.


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