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What does it mean to dream that your teeth fall out?

Dreams are images created in our subconscious that are related to our emotions. There are times when we wake up and we are able to remember dreams in great detail, while others, on the other hand, we do not remember having dreamed anything in particular. Do you know what it means to dream that your teeth fall out? We will tell you.

The teeth are interpreted as a reflection of our happiness and security. Therefore, dreaming that your teeth are falling out is largely due to your fears and insecurities . Your well-being is in danger!

It doesn’t have to be extremely serious. It may be because, for example, you are faced with a situation that makes you insecure , such as a job interview or a public exhibition.

Another of the possible meanings of this dream is that you are very afraid of getting older. White teeth are a symbol of good health and youth , so seeing them fall out may be due to your fear of being an old person.

Not everything is bad! If you dream that your teeth have fallen out but without any pain , it may mean that, even if you are afraid to face certain situations, you will be able to overcome them successfully.

Lower teeth fall out

Having a dream in which your lower teeth fall out means that a known person, although not too close to you, may suffer some kind of damage.

Upper teeth fall out

The upper teeth are the largest, the ones that are most visible when we speak and also when we smile. Therefore, if in the dream the teeth that fall out are the upper ones, it means that the fear and insecurity are greater . Also, if you lose multiple upper teeth, it may be because you fear that a friend or close family member will harm you.

In the same way that the rest of dreams, the fact of dreaming that the teeth fall can have different interpretations according to each person . If it is a recurring dream, you have to be honest with yourself and accept your fears and insecurities to be able to face them. Take the time you need to reflect on yourself and your surroundings, as well as the circumstances around you.

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