FunWhat does the WhatsApp crossed swords emoji mean?

What does the WhatsApp crossed swords emoji mean?

WhastApp was born in 2009, and over the years it has become essential for all of us. We use the app daily to talk with our family and friends. 100,000 million messages are sent in the world a day! Emojis are a good way to express ourselves, although many times we don’t know exactly what they mean. This is the case of the crossed swords of WhatsApp .

Emojipedia is a platform that collects the meaning of all the emojis that exist in the world . It is therefore a great reference since sometimes we send emojis to our family and friends for what we think they mean, but they mean something totally different.

Regarding the meaning of the crossed swords of WhatsApp , according to this website, they symbolize three things: battle, competition or fight. Therefore, we can send this emoji if, for example, someone is going to play a basketball game and we want to send them encouragement. Or, if one of our friends faces an exam and we want to convey to them that they strive for the best result.

New privacy option

One of the reasons why WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app in the world is because it is continually working on new features .

A news related to privacy will arrive very soon. Right now the application allows us to restrict the time of the last connection to everyone, only to saved contacts or, on the contrary, let it be seen.

As reported by ‘Wabetainfo’, very soon we will be able to hide the last connection time to specific contacts . In other words, we will have the possibility to choose to be seen by all our contacts except …

This alternative is already available for the state , and before the end of 2021 it will also be available for the last connection hour.

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