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What happens in the so-called Zone of Silence in Mexico?

Located between the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Coahuila and Durango, is a place known as the Zone of Silence, and that keeps many stories, almost turned into legend, for the inhabitants of the country. This area is located between the parallels 26º and 28º , and the name comes from the ancient belief that radio waves cannot be transmitted in this place in a normal way.

A nuclear missile

Sources say that in July 1970, a US Army test missile, launched from near Green River, Utah, completely lost control and ended up crashing in the area.

This missile was carrying two containers of Cobalt 57 , a radioactive material that was scattered throughout the Zone of Silence. The US military spent three weeks locating the missile and, once it was able to recover it, built a road to remove it from the site.

As a result of these operations of the North American army, certain myths related to strange radio anomalies, apparitions, mutations of the fauna and flora, and even the sighting of aliens arose among the inhabitants of the area.

Special fauna and flora

After this strange event, where a very high secrecy was maintained by the army, the appearance of some endemic species that have adapted perfectly to this arid and dry place were documented.

Hares, coyotes, foxes, kangaroo rats, owls, or the desert tortoise, unique in the world , coexist in Mexico’s Zone of Silence, along with a very special flora that changes color during the seasons.

Specifically, the purple nopales, which belong to the cactus branch, are extremely rare that are found in the area. In addition, it is known that there are unique reptile species that live in this place full of magic and mythology, which was converted into a biosphere reserve in 1974.

Radio waves

The other great strange phenomenon that takes place in Zona del Silencio is its magnetic peculiarity. Scientists are sure that there is a magnetic cone that ionizes the atmosphere and that it is concentrated in this place so it produces blockages in all radio frequencies.

In addition, it is known that years ago about 18 families lived in the place, of which nobody knows anything. For this reason, there are constant rumors among the locals that speak of mystical, paranormal and out of reality events.

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