FunWhat is a toroidal coil and what is it...

What is a toroidal coil and what is it for?

Within the world of electricity we find many elements that in most cases, we do not even know what they are for when we are tired of seeing them inside electrical circuits . This is the case of the toroidal coil of which it is, we explain below what exactly it is and what it is for.

What is a toroidal coil and what is it for?

Within a complex electrical circuit there can be many elements of which as we say, we may not know what it corresponds to or what they are for and in the case of the toroidal coil you have surely seen it on occasion, since it stands out due because it is still a circle or sphere surrounded by metal that few know what it is or what it is for.

In reality, the toroidal coil is still a conductive wire through which current flows. Said current travels through turns that are wrapped on a toroidal support, that is, those metal cables or wires that we see that surround the circular piece that we have mentioned.

How does the toroidal coil work?

The toroidal coil is formed by the toroid whose interior has a magnetic field formed from a series of circles that are concentric. A field that is null on the outside, but that internally is capable of conducting current thanks to the turns of the toroid itself and that surrounds the body of the coil.

Inside, the magnetic field is stronger on the inside or the one that is closer to the center, while it loses strength towards the outside.

We also have to say that toroids are formed from solenoids, which are electromagnets that are formed from a wire that carries the current and has inductive properties , so that it can act by creating currents in nearby coils.

How are toroidal transformers created?

From the solenoids the toroidal coils are created and these give rise to the toroidal transformers. In this way, the solenoids are wrapped around a ring-shaped metal core and the toroidal coil is then formed.

Such coils can be used to create radio frequency transformers, which can be used to increase or decrease the voltages of power sources, so that the various parts within a circuit can be isolated. They also serve to match impedance, helping to connect input and output parts of different circuits.

What uses do they have?

Toroidal coils are mainly used for all types of telecommunications circuits, amplifiers or medical instruments, but we also find them in the development of musical instruments.

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