FunNature & AnimalWhat is the Isle of Arran famous for?

What is the Isle of Arran famous for?

It is a kind of microcosm of all the good that this country offers us. It is reached through a picturesque one-hour ferry ride. This 429 square kilometer island is perfect for a day trip from Glasgow or an extended vacation. You will see from moors to high mountains, long stretches of sandy beach, picturesque fishing villages, small golf courses and historic castles.

They say of her that she is a miniature Scotland .

Other fascinating Scottish landscapes would be the Trossachs, the Cairngorms National Park, the Gray Mare's Tail Nature Reserve, Balnakeil Beach, Loch Ness, of course, the Isle of Skye, Dornoch Firth, the Faskally forests or the Ben Nevis mountain.

The huge iceberg A68a has dumped 1 billion tons of fresh water into the...

A study has revealed this data from when the iceberg passed through South Georgia last year.

The eruption in Tonga had a force of 10 megatons

This is the figure estimated by the US space agency, NASA, after the brutal eruption of the underwater volcano.

This ferret clone is the only hope for the survival of its species

Elizabeth Ann was born in December 2020 and this spring it will be known if she is capable of reproducing successfully and saving the species.

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Crystal clear waters teeming with life, the deepest marine area, the highest mountain... discover this fantastic selection.

Humanity has already exceeded the planetary limit of pollutants

A new study exposes that humanity is releasing more chemical and plastic pollution into the environment than the Earth can handle.