FunWhat is the origin of the word

What is the origin of the word

Originally the word SPAM arose as an abbreviation of "spiced ham" (ham with spices), and was the brand used by the American delicatessen company Hormel Foods in 1957 when it launched its new meat product. During World War II it was used as food by British and Soviet soldiers.

The British group of comedians Monty Python made fun of him in a famous comic scene that brought the term final fame: four Vikings read a menu that offers many dishes but all contain SPAM and begin to shout the word: "To the rich SPAM! ". Hence the association with an abundant thing that nobody wants, such as "junk" email that reaches our mailboxes en masse, spam.

Japanese scientists create a 'washing machine for humans'

Can you imagine taking a relaxing bath in a machine that washes you with bubbles, plays relaxing music or videos?

Insect swarms generate as much electricity as a thunderstorm

Swarms of bees can generate an electrical charge of 1,000 volts per meter, a higher voltage density than thunderclouds and electrified dust storms.

This is what the Earth's magnetic field sounds like

The shield that protects our planet sounds 'pretty scary', according to ESA engineers.

Days were only 17 hours long 2.46 billion years ago

It was when the Moon was much closer to our planet. As the centuries pass, the Moon slowly recedes and the length of our day gradually lengthens accordingly.

Women are better at doing crosswords

A new study has revealed that women have a 'small but robust' advantage over time.