AutoWhat papers should I carry with me while driving?

What papers should I carry with me while driving?

We all know the phrase “ignorance of the law does not excuse compliance” but it is really difficult to keep up to date with everything. When it comes to driving, both car and motorcycle, there are many doubts that come to us, beyond speed limits and other known regulations such as the use of mobile phones. However, there is a requirement that we usually ignore until it becomes a relevant scare for our pocket: documentation. As AMV reveals after a survey of motorcyclists: “ six out of ten motorcyclists do not know what“ papers ”they have to carry on their two-wheel getaways. A situation that, surely, is repeated in the majority of users of passenger cars. Before starting to describe the documents to bring, we would like to remind you that the DGT makes a valid mobile application available to us to bring together these requirements.

The most logical and expected thing is the driver’s license, but a mistake is always possible. In many cases, motorists change their jackets, leaving the driver’s license in a hidden pocket. A recurring question with this document is: If we lose it or we still don’t have the latest update, can we circulate? As AMV explains, which also works for the four-wheel license, “we must always circulate with the ” provisional driving license “ , a document that authorizes to drive a vehicle for a limited time, which is usually three months”. For this they will force us to go through a Medical Recognition Center that approves our psychophysical aptitudes and emphasizes that this document is only valid in our territory.

If the police stop us and we do not have a driver’s license, we will take home a fine of 10 euros, but it can be worse. If you do not have a correctly completed document, that is, with errors in the address or names, it will be an infringement of 80 euros, which rises to 200 euros if it is expired . If on top of that we are the proud owners of a large-displacement motorcycle, we could reach a fine of 500 euros and 4 license points. It goes without saying that driving with the license withdrawn, or without even having approved it , can lead to an arrest, “with prison terms of up to six months, or a fine of 12 to 24 months and 31 to 90 days of benefit work. of the community”

The conflict documents

There are other documents that the vast majority recognize as vital for circulation: the circulation permit and the ITV . The Vehicle Technical Inspection must be passed within the date, which changes depending on the age of the car or motorcycle itself. In the case of two wheels , which is more unknown, the first four years you are free to pass it, three in the case of mopeds . Then we will have to return every two years and, if we don’t, we can end up paying a 200 euro fine . If we pass it but do not carry the badge with us, they can punish us with a 10 euro penalty.

The circulation permit is vital for the security forces, since it contains the registration data, the date of the first registration, identification of the chassis, the displacement and the power, among others. That is, the police could know the real performance of the car and check if it is correct and in accordance with your driving license. If we do not circulate with this paper we can end up paying 10 euros of fine and, in case of not having that documentation in order, it can rise up to 500 euros.

Vehicle insurance is another of the papers that can lead us to doubts. The security forces can know if everything is in order, but it is our obligation by law to carry it with us. As AMV quotes: “all owners of motor vehicles that have their usual parking in Spain will be obliged to sign and maintain an insurance contract in force for each vehicle they are the owner of”. In other words, we could not be fined for not having a physical paper, but for not updating the policy year after year, which is why a penalty can fall between 601 and 3,005 euros, in addition to the immobilization of the vehicle.

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