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What to buy for the arrival of the baby: breastfeeding

Although breastfeeding is the most natural way of feeding in the world and to establish it you only need your breast and the baby , it is true that there are some products that make your day to day a little easier.

Today we review all of them and offer you the best options that we can currently find on the market for breast pumps (both manual and electric), nursing discs, storage bags, cushions and nursing bras.

Manual breast pumps

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

This breast pump is so small that it fits in a handbag , without the need for batteries or cables. It’s compact, lightweight, portable and designed to fit: the oval shape of the Medela PersonalFit Flex breast shield with its soft, smooth and flexible rim can rotate 360 degrees and easily adapts its position to the shape of your breast. A natural pumping experience thanks to Medela 2-Phase Expression technology that mimics the baby’s instinctive sucking rhythms for a more natural and comfortable pumping experience.

Medela Extractor de leche manual Harmony - Diseño suizo compacto con embudos PersonalFit Flex y tecnología Medela 2-Phase Expression

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump – Compact Swiss Design with PersonalFit Flex Breastshields and Medela 2-Phase Expression Technology

Today on Amazon for €33.90
RRP at El Corte Inglés €34.55

Kidoo Manual Breast Pump

It adapts to the breast from a precise extraction angle so that the process is not uncomfortable for the mother. Its use does not require extensive instructions, since the design is intended to be intuitive, practical and simplified and the separation of its parts means that cleaning is carried out in seconds. Then, the readjustment also does not exhibit major difficulties because of the dimensional precision of the components.

Its low weight favors support and establishment in a comfortable collection position and it does not make noise during suction, thus giving you privacy and discretion in case you need it.

kidoo - Sacaleches - Extractor de Leche Manual - Suave y Antideslizante - Rápida y Cómoda Posición de Succión - Incluye Biberón | Aseo Rápido - Silencioso y Práctico - Portátil (Manual)

kidoo – Breast Pump – Manual Breast Pump – Smooth and Non-Slip – Fast and Comfortable Suction Position – Includes Bottle | Quick Toilet – Silent and Practical – Portable (Manual)

Today on Amazon for €13.97

Philips Avent manual breast pump

This breast pump is designed with Natural Motion technology, inspired by the baby’s own natural sucking action, for rapid milk removal. You can easily adjust the pace and vacuum. Fits virtually all nipples.

The innovative silicone flange stimulates the nipple to start the flow of milk quickly for comfortable and efficient expression. It’s compact and lightweight , which means it’s easy to store and transport for easy, discreet removal anywhere.

Extractor de leche manual Philips Avent (modelo SCF430/10)

Philips Avent manual breast pump (model SCF430/10)

Today on Amazon for €29.85

Edibaby Manual Breast Pump

It has a silicone valve that separates air and milk, this protects the reflux of breast milk . Pump in total comfort thanks to its ergonomic rotary knob, which allows you to grip the Edibaby manual breast pump in the easiest and most comfortable way.

It is made with simple and removable parts for easy washing, which will help keep it clean at all times.

Edibaby, Sacaleches Manual, Extractor de Leche Materna, Colector, 130ml, Ergonómico, Antideslizante, Sin BPA, Rápida y Cómoda Posición de Succión, Lactancia

Edibaby, Manual Breast Pump, Breast Milk Pump, Collector, 130ml, Ergonomic, Non-slip, BPA Free, Fast and Comfortable Suction Position, Lactation

Today on Amazon for €21.99

Sacaleches Manual of Lansinoh

It is a comfortable, practical and easy to use breast pump. A simple button on the top allows you to switch between two breastfeeding phases : stimulation and expression and incorporates the ComfortFit breast cup that creates a safe vacuum, for a better fit and suction and an Easy Express handle designed to reduce hand fatigue . Includes NaturalWave teat to maintain breastfeeding patterns.

Sacaleches Manual de Lansinoh, ergonómico, discreto, cómodo y único

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump, ergonomic, discreet, comfortable and unique

Today on Amazon for €41.99

Lansinoh silicone breast pump

It is a practical breast pump, perfect to prevent breast milk from spilling during breastfeeding or pumping on the other breast effectively, with a natural suction effect, without adhering. It is light, easy to handle and adapts to any breast size. It does not spill thanks to the suction cup and the neck strap. Dishwasher safe in the upper basket and for disinfection in the microwave and sterilizer.

Colector de leche materna / sacaleches de silicona Lansinoh

Breastmilk collector / silicone breast pump Lansinoh

Today on Amazon for €15.95

Elvie Curve Manual Breastmilk Collector

It works by natural suction . It has no complicated parts and is equipped with a valve to control the suction power and prevent slippage. Perfect for monitoring the amounts of milk on a daily basis. Extract up to 120 ml in each session.

It is not electric but it is hands free. To gently express milk, align the nipple and squeeze the silicone bag creating a natural suction force. Ideal while you feed the baby or express milk with the other breast or when your breasts feel full. It can be worn discreetly and comfortably inside the bra without worrying that the catcher might fall off.

Colector de leche materna manual Elvie Curve – lactancia con succión natural - Captura toda la leche posible – Fácil de limpiar, de silicona sin BPA - Talla universal

Elvie Curve Manual Breastmilk Collector – Natural Suction Breastfeeding – Captures as Much Milk as Possible – Easy to Clean, BPA Free Silicone – One Size Fits Most

Today on Amazon for €39.99

electric breast pump

Medela Solo electric breast pump

This electric breast pump has a built-in battery for up to six pumping operations on a full charge. It only comes with a Medela Personal Fit Flex breast shield for comfort and better milk flow.

It’s easy to use, noticeably quieter and offers a natural pumping experience with 2 phases that mimic your baby’s instinctive rhythm for a more natural and comfortable pump.

Medela Solo - Sacaleches eléctrico, notablemente más silencioso, recargable por USB, con protector mamario PersonalFit Flex y tecnología Medela de extracción en 2 fases, Blanco (101041608)

Medela Solo – Noticeably Quieter USB Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump with PersonalFit Flex Breast Shield and Medela 2-Stage Pumping Technology, White (101041608)

Today on Amazon for €125.90
RRP at El Corte Ingles €169.00

Philips Avent electric breast pump

The Philips Avent electric breast pump promises to pump more milk in less time thanks to a perfect balance of suction power and nipple stimulation, geared towards the natural way babies drink. It has 8 levels of stimulation and 16 levels of pumping.

Since all nipples are unique and therefore have different shapes and sizes, the soft silicone cushion can be gently and flexibly bent and adapts to the size and shape of the breast.

Philips Avent Extractor de leche eléctrico (modelo SCF395/11)

Philips Avent Electric breast pump (model SCF395/11)

Today on Amazon for €119.75

Momcozy Electric Breast Pump

This breast pump has a portable and lightweight cordless pump and a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 800 mAh, which can be used anytime and anywhere. Once fully charged, it can be used for about 80 minutes / 3-6 times.

It has 2 modes that can mimic the baby’s feeding method to optimize milk expression, and each mode has 5 levels of intensity adjustment so that each mother can find her own rhythm and produce more milk in a shorter period of time.

It has smooth edges and is made of soft, food-grade silicone. Skin-friendly, safe and BPA-free. It is not painful maintaining a good seal to obtain the best suction and ultra quiet.

Momcozy Sacaleches Electricos, Extractor de Leche Electrico Portátil Manos Libres, Bombeo Fuerte, Leche a Prueba de Fugas, Ultra Silenciosa, Sin Dolor, Ligera con 2 Modos y 5 Niveles-24MM (Verde)

Momcozy Electric Breast Pump, Hands Free Portable Electric Breast Pump, Strong Pumping, Leak-Proof Milk, Ultra Quiet, Painless, Lightweight with 2 Modes and 5 Levels-24MM (Green)

Today on Amazon for €64.99

Elvie Stride Portable Electric Breast Pump

This breast pump offers a choice of 10 intensity levels in both stimulation and expression modes for optimal comfort and efficiency while you pump, with hospital grade force down to -300mmHG.

It’s hands-free, with no bottles or dangling cords . Elvie Stride collects milk inside the bra, keeping your hands and body free so you can move and pump anytime, anywhere.

Lightweight, weighing less than 150g per container, Elvie Stride is light and compact and allows you to collect milk inside your bra. Its understated silhouette looks natural under clothes, it’s connected to a smart app, it’s ultra-quiet and discreet.

Elvie Stride Sacaleches Eléctrico Portátil, Grado hospitalario - Controlado por aplicación Sacaleches | Manos libres Cómodo Sacaleches eléctrico con 2 modos y 150 ml de capacidad por contenedor

Elvie Stride Portable Electric Breast Pump, Hospital Grade – App Controlled Breast Pump | Hands free Comfortable electric breast pump with 2 modes and 150 ml capacity per container

Today on Amazon for €199.00
RRP at El Corte Ingles €199.00

Lansinoh Compact Electric Single Breast Pump

Breast pump with adjustable suction and rhythm, mimics the way the baby feeds naturally and maximizes milk production. Offers 5 adjustable suction levels for maximum comfort.

It’s small enough to slip into your bag when you’re on the go and has a lightweight design with a USB connection and AC adapter. It has an LED backlight that indicates the level of suction, even during nighttime breast pumping sessions.

NUEVO Sacaleches Individual Eléctrico Compacto de Lansinoh. Extractor compacto con batería USB

NEW Lansinoh Compact Single Electric Breast Pump. Compact extractor with USB battery

Today on Amazon for €90.44

Suavinex Electric Breast Pump

Provides automatic pumping that removes milk quickly and easily, mimicking the baby’s sucking rhythm . Its unique double regulation Link System on the market allows you to adjust, on the one hand, the suction frequency, and on the other, the intensity of the vacuum. This allows you to start with a very soft suction and increase in speed and intensity, up to 11 adjustment levels depending on the sensitivity of the breast, achieving total control over your own extraction.

The extractor fits perfectly to the chest thanks to the anatomical cup, without additional silicone parts, which achieves a better grip and thus a better vacuum, providing a more comfortable and painless extraction. With the possibility of using it with batteries, the flap on the The back of the pump allows you to wear it around your waist so you can move freely and express milk wherever and whenever you want.

Sacaleches Eléctrico Suavinex Link blanco

Suavinex Link White Electric Breast Pump

RRP at El Corte Inglés €119.99

lactation pads

Medela Safe & Dry Ultra thin disposable absorbent pads

These ultra-thin, absorbent nursing pads are less than 2mm thick and are perfect for small to medium breast milk leaks as they fit snugly around the breast. The soft, hypoallergenic interior instantly wicks away moisture and is gentle on sensitive skin, and the waterproof outer layer protects clothing. The adhesive strips make the discs sit firmly in the bra without being seen.

Medela Discos absorbentes desechables Safe & Dry Ultra thin - Discos de lactancia extremadamente finos y muy absorbentes, paquete de 60 discos de lactancia embalados individualmente

Medela Safe & Dry Ultra thin Disposable Absorbent Pads – Extremely thin and highly absorbent nursing pads, pack of 60 individually wrapped nursing pads

Today on Amazon for €7.90

Suavinex Breastfeeding Absorbent Pads

These discs are made with cellulose from sustainable forests. They are extra thin, imperceptible under clothing, disposable, with an adhesive band, for greater fixation to the bra. They come in individual bags of 2 units, to carry comfortably in your bag.

Suavinex, Discos Absorbentes de Lactancia. Discos Absorbentes Desechables. Súper Transpirables y Absorbentes. Extrafinos. Imperceptibles en la ropa. En bolsitas individuales de 2 uds. 60 Discos

Suavinex, Absorbent Nursing Discs. Disposable Absorbent Pads. Super Breathable and Absorbent. Extra fine. Unnoticeable on clothing. In individual bags of 2 units. 60 Discs

Today on Amazon for €9.55

Pinowu Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

These nursing pads use all natural fabrics as part of their ecological and social responsibility, they are effective and provide great absorbency to ensure they don’t seep into your bra or clothes.

They are made of durable and hypoallergenic bamboo fabric, as well as naturally anti-bacterial, extremely breathable , as its dry layer wicks away moisture so you feel dry all the time, perfect for sensitive skin.

Pinowu Almohadillas de lactancia de bambú orgánico (12pcs), 11cm Súper Suaves y Absorbentes Hipoalergénico Discos de Lactancia, Ronda Cojines de Bra a Prueba de Fugas

Pinowu Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads (12pcs), 11cm Super Soft and Absorbent Hypoallergenic Nursing Pads, Round Leak-Proof Bra Pads

Today on Amazon for €10.99

MAM Nursing Pads

These discs are soft, comfortable, discreet and with the maximum capacity to absorb breast milk loss thanks to the superabsorbent core of the nipple shield , notably superior to common fibres, which perfectly collects moisture, so it stays dry for long periods of time. more time.

The soft, particularly fine material makes the nursing pad invisible under clothing. The smooth surface offers good breathability, while the adhesive strip ensures that the pads adhere to the fabric of the clothing and do not slip. They are BPA and BPS free.

MAM Discos de Lactancia E103 Absorbentes Extra Finos y Discretos, Cubre Pezones Suaves, Transpirables y Supeabsorbentes, Desde 0 Meses, Blanco, 30 ud

MAM Breastfeeding Pads E103 Extra Fine and Discreet Absorbents, Covers Soft, Breathable and Super-absorbent Nipples, From 0 Months, White, 30 pc

Today on Amazon for €5.50

Chicco – Nursing pads

Eto dicos are made of an ultra-comfortable, antibacterial and super absorbent fabric, with microbeads that retain liquid and a double outer layer of breathable non-woven fabric. They are ultra-thin and concave in shape to facilitate maximum discretion under clothing.

Chicco - Discos absorbentes de lactancia, evita irritaciones, grietas o mastitis, 60 unidades

Chicco – Absorbent nursing discs, prevents irritations, cracks or mastitis, 60 units

Today on Amazon for €8.99

Lansinoh Nursing Pads

Disposable nursing pads with a Blue Lock core that are more absorbent than ever, capable of absorbing up to 20 times their own weight and a super soft, breathable and padded outer layer that keeps the skin dry.

They have two adhesive straps for a secure fit, keeping each disc in place, with a contour that offers a natural fit adapting to all breast sizes and individually wrapped to guarantee hygiene.

Lansinoh Discos Absorbentes de Lactancia Desechables Blue Lock, 60 unidades, Blanco (44265)

Lansinoh Blue Lock Disposable Nursing Pads, 60 Count, White (44265)

Today on Amazon for €10.90

Breast milk storage bags

Medela pack of breast milk storage bags

These BPA-free breast milk storage bags quickly freeze and thaw to preserve the quality of breast milk.

Each storage bag is hygienically pre-sealed , stands upright/lays flat for convenient storage. It has ultra protection against leaks thanks to its double closure and double walls, while heat-sealed seams protect from tears, tears or cracks.

Medela pack de bolsas de almacenamiento de leche materna de 180 ml - Paquete de 50 bolsas de recogida de leche materna sin BPA con doble cierre, de congelación y descongelación rápida

Medela 180ml Breastmilk Storage Bag Pack – Pack of 50 BPA-Free Breastmilk Collection Bags with Double Closure, Quick Freeze and Thaw

Today on Amazon for €14.90

Pack of 25 Philips Avent bowls

Philips AVENT breast milk storage bags allow you to store your breast milk safely and reliably. They can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer and are pre-sterilized for immediate use.

Philips Avent SCF603/25 - Pack de 25 bolsas para almacenaje de leche materna, 180 ml, color blanco

Philips Avent SCF603/25 – Pack of 25 breast milk storage bags, 180 ml, white

Today on Amazon for €7.99

Edibaby Breast Milk Bags

These bags are made of food grade materials, they do not contain BPA, BPS, latex free, phthalate free, designed for easy freezing thus preserving the quality of breast milk, they are also 100% sterilized to avoid possible problems of bacteria and contamination. .

Its double seal design ensures that the milk does not overflow during storage or freezing , at the same time it effectively prevents milk leakage, acts as an insulator and keeps the milk totally fresh. They have a capacity of 250ml with a thickness of 0.11mm and the pack contains 100 units.

Edibaby, Bolsas Leche Materna, Bolsa Lactancia Materna, Pack 100, sin BPA, 250 ml, Esterilizadas, para Congelar, Conservar, Almacenamiento, (100 Unidades)

Edibaby, Breast Milk Bags, Breastfeeding Bag, Pack 100, BPA-free, 250 ml, Sterilized, to Freeze, Preserve, Storage, (100 Units)

Today on Amazon for €16.99

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

Being made of polyethylene they are suitable for food storage, which means that there are no toxins that pass into breast milk. They have a double-seal, tear-proof hygienic safety closure to prevent spills and include a write-on tab so moms can easily track usage by date. You can express milk directly into the bag using a Lanisnoh breast pump.

Bolsas de Almacenamiento de Leche Materna, 25 uds de Lansinoh. Bolsas preesterilizadas para conservar la leche materna extraída.

Breastmilk Storage Bags, 25 units from Lansinoh. Pre-sterilized bags to preserve expressed breast milk.

Today on Amazon for €10.49

NOT bolsa de leche materna

These sterilized bags are the safest and most hygienic system for keeping breast milk in the fridge or freezer. The bags also include a measuring scale to keep track of when the milk was expressed and how much milk is left in the bag. They are made spill proof and save a lot of space.

NUK bolsa de leche materna | 180 ml | 25 unidades

NUK breast milk bag | 180ml | 25 units

Today on Amazon for €11.55

Nursing Pillows

Niimo Nursing Pillow

This multifunctional cushion has been designed and created to provide practical support to mothers and newborns at different times of the day, especially during the first weeks of life when feedings are very frequent and long-lasting.

Niimo Cojin Lactancia Bebè Funda Cojin 100% Algodòn Extraíble y Lavable Almohada Multifuncional para Madre y Bebé Relleno de Fibra de Poliéster (Selva)

Niimo Baby Breastfeeding Cushion 100% Cotton Cushion Cover Removable and Washable Multifunctional Pillow for Mother and Baby Filled with Polyester Fiber (Jungle)

Today on Amazon for €29.99

Cambrass Star Nursing Pillow

The small Cambrass nursing pillow is very practical during the breastfeeding period. During lactation it serves both the baby and the mother (or the adult). In this case, it encourages the baby to acquire a more comfortable position by resting his shoulders and head on the cushion, thus preventing any movement of the adult from affecting him.

Cambrass Star - Cojín de Lactancia, Color Gris, 53 x 45 x 10 cm

Cambrass Star Nursing Pillow, Grey, 53 x 45 x 10 cm

Today on Amazon for €30.69
RRP at El Corte Inglés €33.30

Medela Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow

The Medela pregnancy and nursing cushion is the right companion throughout your pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond. Thanks to the filling
Made of silent EPS microbeads, the cushion adapts to the body, supports it in a comfortable position and offers a peaceful and undisturbed sleep.

When nursing, the arms are supported so that the baby is safe in your arms while you can lie down in a relaxed position. It has skin-friendly and durable materials.

Medela cojín de embarazo y lactancia - Con relleno de microesferas de EPS, para el confort desde el embarazo hasta el parto y más allá, en gris con estrellas

Medela pregnancy and nursing cushion – Filled with EPS microspheres, for comfort from pregnancy to birth and beyond, in gray with stars

Today on Amazon for €58.90

Chicco Boppy Soft Nursing Pillow

The Boppy Breastfeeding Pillows help make breastfeeding moments a comfortable experience for both the baby and the mother, as it is designed to provide comfort and facilitate positioning the child at the correct height.

It has an ergonomic shape and a unique fiber filling that ensures a comfortable position for both mother and baby during breastfeeding. It is a safe support for the newborn.

Boppy Cojin de Lactancia para Bebés de 0+ Meses, Forma Ergonómica e Indeformable, Miracle Middle, Almohada y Nido Bebé para la Lactancia Materna o con Biberón - Azul Ovenitas (Soft Sheep)

Boppy Nursing Pillow for Babies 0+ Months, Ergonomic and Non-Deformable Shape, Miracle Middle, Pillow and Baby Nest for Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding – Blue Ovenitas (Soft Sheep)

Today on Amazon for €41.90
RRP at El Corte Ingles €49.99

nursing bras

DIM non-wired molded cup nursing bra

Nursing bra. U-shaped back for optimal support. Very elastic and comfortable cotton bra. It has an opening at the top of the cups to facilitate breastfeeding and a soft padded cup to embellish and give the breast a more rounded shape.

Sujetador de lactancia con copas moldeadas sin aro

Non-wired molded cup nursing bra

RRP at El Corte Inglés €31.92

Gisela nursing bra

Nursing bra without underwire and with foam made of bamboo fabric . Inner cups with cotton lining and adjustable straps. Double fabric on the shoulder for greater support. Four-position back closure and lace braid detail at the neckline. This garment has been created from bamboo fibers, a plant that regenerates itself and obtains the water it needs naturally.

Sujetador de lactancia sin aro en tejido de bambú con cierre trasero

Non-wired nursing bra in bamboo fabric with back closure

RRP at El Corte Inglés €27.95

Promise Underwired Nursing Bra

White nursing bra with underwire, matching floral embroidery and lace trim around the edge.

Sujetador de lactancia de Promise con aros

Promise Underwired Nursing Bra

RRP at El Corte Ingles €18.70

Seryero Nursing Bras

Non-wired nursing bra with padding (removable pads), breathable and ideal for sleeping.

seryero Sujetador de Lactancia Sujetadores de Dormir Suave y Comodo Bra sin Aros para Mujer Lactancia Materna

seryero Nursing Bra Soft and Comfortable Sleeping Bras Wireless Bra for Women Breastfeeding

Today on Amazon for €14.99

Non-wired nursing bra with adjustable button

Bra made of high quality fabric, soft, comfortable and breathable, and skin-friendly . It’s easy to open and close thanks to buttons on the straps and a U-shaped design at the back that flares out and hugs your back, dispersing pressure on your shoulders.

Doaraha Sujetador de Lactancia sin Aros Sujetador Lactancia con Botón Ajustable Sujetador de Maternidad Encaje Sostén de Lactancia Cómodo

Doaraha Nursing Bra Wireless Adjustable Button Nursing Bra Lace Maternity Bra Comfortable Nursing Bra

Today on Amazon for €13.99

Medela Dream Nursing Bra

Bustier for the Night, seamless, without underwires, specially designed to breastfeed and be comfortable while we sleep.

Medela Schlaf Bustier Sujetador de lactancia, Negro (schwarz), 110D, Talla L, para Mujer

Medela Women’s Schlaf Bustier Nursing Bra, Black (schwarz), 110D, Size L

Today on Amazon for €17.46

Other recommendations that may interest you:

  • Huggies Pure Baby Wipes with 99% water . 18 packages of 56 units each. Ideal for taking care of baby’s delicate skin as they contain 70% natural fibres, less than half the plastic content of the leading brand. If you also subscribe to the recurring purchase you can get up to a 15% discount.
Huggies Pure Toallitas para Bebé - 18 paquetes de 56 unidades (1008 Toallitas)

Huggies Pure Baby Wipes – 18 packs of 56 units (1008 Wipes)

Today on Amazon for €19.99
  • Amazon offers you the possibility of creating a birth list with the items you choose for your baby. It works like a wedding list, but for another time in your life. To create it, Amazon suggests recommended lists, or you can create your own list by configuring it with the products that interest you most for your baby. You can also share it with family, friends and acquaintances so that they know your wishes.
¿Estás esperando un bebé? Soluciona las compras de la llegada de tu bebé creando gratis una Lista de Nacimiento en Amazon.

Are you expecting a baby? Solve the purchases of the arrival of your baby by creating a free Birth List on Amazon.

RRP on Amazon €0.00

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