AutoWhat to eat before a long car trip?

What to eat before a long car trip?

It seems that the worst ravages of the pandemic have been left behind. Many of us consider this summer as the summer of recovery, the perfect months to relax, disconnect and heal our spirits after a tough and exceptional time . Travel abroad still involves a lot of paperwork, doubts and uncertainties about your situation in the face of covid-19. For this reason, many families will opt for national tourism by car, a private transport method with less risk of contagion. The routes are just around the corner , if you have not started them already, so you have to prepare well for the longest and most relaxed routes of the year. Diet is essential to maintain concentration at the wheel, fatigue as little as possible and not have moments of sleep that can put us at risk.

The general economic situation is not buoyant, that is clear to us. However, if we plan to take a long trip with the car this summer, prevention is better than cure. The tuning of the vehicle will save us scares and bad moments in our most anticipated weeks. There are typical summer breakdowns , which are very easy to avoid.

After months without taking the family car, if you have one for day to day, it is possible that we make a mistake when refueling, it would not be the first (or last) time that someone puts diesel to a gasoline engine . There are also no excess summer images of cars moving alone because we have not left the parking brake tight , or the frustration of trying to start a car that we have left without battery by leaving the lights on .

Good diet, always

The pre-car check should be a signal to carry out the same process with ourselves and our body. Eating properly is not a matter of seasons, but we tend to pay attention when the heat arrives and we must show our bodies. The most important thing is not on the surface, even less when we talk about health. A good physical condition will help us to better overcome the high temperatures , the summer excursions and even the binges that come at this time of year.

Today we will talk about a time when, despite not looking like it, diet is key: driving. Eating poorly can cause drowsiness, fatigue or digestion problems that can make us uncomfortable at the wheel and increase the risk of having an accident on the road. From Seat they launched a study a couple of years ago in which Mari Carmen López, Seat Cars doctor, gave us some advice such as: “ We should never get behind the wheel on an empty stomach, as we can suffer low blood sugar and dizziness . In addition, the sensation of hunger diminishes the attention because we are thinking about something else ”.

What to eat when driving?

Energy expenditure when driving is around 1,000 to 1,300 kilocalories , which is similar to being on the couch. Hence, the intake must be controlled, if we do not want it to become fat for our summer. If we want a quiet and undisturbed journey, it is advisable to have a fresh meal that is not heavy and to avoid at all costs products that can cause heartburn.

That is, before traveling we could avoid fried and battered, as well as sauces, spicy foods and, of course, alcohol. Other foods that tend to obstruct are legumes, rice, and pasta. If you are thinking about breakfast, the Catalan firm’s study recommends toast with ham, some fruit and coffee . During the trip, water cannot be absent and grilled food will be our allies .

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