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What would happen to me if I fell into a black hole?

According to the general theory of relativity, this depends on where this event is observed from. If we are the ones who are going to be engulfed by the black hole, at first we will only notice the absence of gravity. But it will grow faster and faster as we get closer to the hole.

The situation is complicated by crossing the event horizon or point of no return. For example, if our feet are closer to the hole than our head, we will notice that we stretch like gum until we are smashed . However, to an observer outside the range of the hole it will appear that our velocity decreases as we approach the event horizon and that we will never exceed it. This is due to the vertiginous increase of the speed of leak necessary to escape from the hole. The light that we emit takes more and more time to reach the observer, until the moment at which the speed of escape of the black hole equals that of light. At this precise moment, the light is trapped on the horizon, and it seems to be frozen.

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