FunWhatsApp: why am I logged out if I have...

WhatsApp: why am I logged out if I have closed the application?

Many are the news that come to us with each update of WhatsApp, the messaging app that is used the most in the world. But this does not mean that from time to time it “fails” or casts doubt on its use. Maybe now we can advance the audios , or we can also send our chats from iOS to Android and vice versa , but apart from these recent functions, why do I sometimes leave connected to WhatsApp when I have actually closed the application?

WhatsApp: why am I logged out if I have closed the application?

It is something that happens to many people but they are not aware of it until, for example, we see someone at work or a friend and they tell us why we have not answered their WhatsApp if it appeared that we were online.

But the truth is that we don’t even have the application open, so what happened? How is it that I leave as connected if I am not in WhatsApp?

Everything is due to a WhatsApp error that has been happening for a long time, although its explanation is quite logical if we consider that this is an app that not only sends the messages we write at the moment or receives those of our contacts, but also It is in “constant work” if we take into account that although we are not using it, WhatsApp makes backup copies and encryption , among other actions that somehow operate in the background within our smartphone but that in the eyes of others can make us appear connected or online when we are not.

Quite a nuisance if someone sends us something and thinks we don’t want to reply. However, we also have to say that the time that this usually lasts is not long. That is, the time in which we are shown online while WhatsApp works in the background usually lasts only between 15 and 30 seconds. An amount of time that can also increase (although not by much) if the internet speed is very low.

How to avoid appearing connected even for a few seconds

In the event that you do not want to appear “online” at any time when you are outside the application, we have to do something very simple: we go to settings on our smartphone, then applications and search for WhatsApp. When we are in the app we “click” on “force close” so that it stops working and any process stops.

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