AutoWhen and how the electric car was born

When and how the electric car was born

Contrary to what it may seem, the electric car was the first to be developed. In fact, it was in 1837 that Scottish businessman Robert Anderson invented what would become the first rudimentary pure electric vehicle. Professor Sibrandus Stratingh, for his part, designed and built, with the help of his assistant Christopher Becker, small-scale electric vehicles from 1835. Later, during the 1850s, the French Gastón Planté improved the electric battery; and during the 1880s, Camille Alphonse Faure continued to pave the way for these types of vehicles.

Electricity development

At the International Exhibition in Paris in 1881 , the French inventor Gustave Trouvé showed a three-wheeled electric car, thanks precisely to the improvements of the electric battery … Already in 1867, during the World Exhibition in Paris, the inventor Franz Kravogl showed a cycle two-wheeled electric motor. France and Great Britain were the first nations to support the widespread development of this type of vehicle, until Belgian car racer Camille Jenatzy managed to break the 100 km / h barrier for the first time with the help of her electric convertible in the form of bullet, the Jamais Contente, reaching a top speed of 105.88 km / h, just before the prominence of internal combustion engines.

The First World War signed the death sentence of the electric vehicle, since the internal combustion engine was decisive for the mechanization of war, where characteristics such as speed, durability and power on the battlefield were essential. So the engine won the war, but it also won another battle in the American car market, which began to grow rapidly, later spreading to western Europe and eventually to the rest of the world.


However, more and more electric vehicles are currently circulating on our roads. Either because of the traffic restrictions due to pollution , which push us to bet on alternatives to internal combustion engines or because of our own conscience, which begins to wake up understanding the importance of the fight against pollution, the truth is that the electric ones count every day with a little more presence in the streets of our country. To be honest, it is true that, to this day, there is no vehicle model that is totally ecological.

In fact, it is true that electric vehicles also pollute even if they are smoke-free cars , since cleaning does not depend only on its operation, but it is also about achieving the complete compatibility of the car throughout its life cycle, which includes the processing of raw materials and components, as well as vehicle assembly in factories. The main objective is to be able to use green energy in all phases where possible. However, until this moment, both electric and hybrid are some of the best options today in terms of polluting emissions, considerably lower than those of equivalent combustion models.

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