LivingTravelWhen is Independence Day in Iceland (National Day)?

When is Independence Day in Iceland (National Day)?

When is Independence Day celebrated in Iceland and what are the local Icelandic traditions that travelers can experience on 'Icelandic National Day'?

Iceland's Independence Day is June 17 , a major annual event in Iceland commonly known as National Day. Enjoy the Fourth of July early! Icelandic National Day is a great time to visit the country, with warmer temperatures in Iceland.

On June 17 of each year, Reykjavik organizes Independence Day parades, street theater, shows and dancing.

Icelanders love to celebrate this national holiday (also see Holidays and festivals in Scandinavia).

Iceland's national day in Icelandic is "þjóðhátíðardagurinn" (the day of the nation's celebration).

In 1944, the Scandinavian country of Iceland declared its full independence from the Danish crown. The Icelanders selected June 17 as an official holiday because it was the birthday of Jon Sigurdsson, considered the champion of Iceland for the nationalist cause.

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