AutoWhen Lamborghini orders exceed production

When Lamborghini orders exceed production

Lamborghini is synonymous with exclusivity, maximum performance and good results. But this time we are not referring only to the capacity of one of its supercars, but also to its sales. And it is that the Italian manufacturer has closed the first quarter of 2022 with a new impulse: it delivered 2,539 vehicles worldwide in these first three months of the year, which makes said first quarter the best in the company’s history . This figure represents an increase of 5% compared to the same period in 2021 and 31% compared to 2020. In addition, this result comes after the record figures for 2021 in terms of sales (8,405 units), turnover (1,950 million euros ) and profitability (20.2%).

In fact, this Lamborghini turnover means an all-time high, efficient management, supported by the launch of new models, boosted operating profit to a level never reached before. As for the models sold, the greatest success was achieved by the Super SUV Urus, with 5,021 units delivered, followed by the Huracán with a V10 engine, which experienced a large increase in sales to 2,586 units, thanks to the strong momentum of the Huracán STO. In addition, 798 units of the Aventador (model V12) were delivered worldwide.

Stephan Winkelmann , president and CEO of Lamborghini, has detailed that they have “started a year that will bring us new challenges on a global scale. Despite the uncertainty caused by a geopolitical situation that is not only deeply worrying, but also makes it difficult to carry out forecasts of any kind, we have exceptional appeal around the world right now. Every month, the orders we receive exceed our production; we currently have enough to comfortably cover over 12 months of production. In addition, we are preparing for a new stage in Lamborghini’s history in just under a year as we move towards electrification with the arrival of the new V12 hybrid model in 2023.”

Approximately half of customers have opted for the Super SUV Urus, whose appeal lies in its great versatility, while the other half have opted for the Huracán and Aventador sports cars, despite the fact that the V12 model is reaching the end of its production cycle. Both the Urus and the Huracán have experienced the same growth compared to the first quarter of last year, with global deliveries reaching 1,547 and 844 units respectively. The V10 model has continued its vibrant appeal this year, bolstered by the latest version revealed on April 12, the Huracán Tecnica.

Thus, in the coming months, Lamborghini will unveil novelties in the Huracán and Urus range, two for each model, to then conclude the era of internal combustion engines and move on to hybridization, beginning with the arrival of the model that will replace the Aventador in 2023. It has also announced its ambitious Direzione Cor Tauri strategy, named after the brightest star in the constellation Taurus. It will be a path divided into two phases that will lead the company to an electric future while staying true to its DNA. In the first phase, the transition to hybridization, the company will introduce its first model with hybrid technology in 2023 before completing the hybridization of the entire range in 2024 and achieving a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions. The last phase, that of complete electrification, will begin in the second half of the decade, with the introduction of a fourth model, which will be fully electric, and which will accompany the hybrid range.

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