FunWhere are the deepest caves on the planet?

Where are the deepest caves on the planet?

Of all the explored chasms in the world, these are the deepest:

Krubera Cave in Georgia drops to 1,710 meters. Some cavers believe that there is another route that will take them deeper.

In Austria , at 1,632 meters, there is the Lamprechtsofen cave .

With a few meters less (1,626), it is followed by the Gouffre Mirolda, in France. A team of cavers says it has reached 1,733 meters, but it is not confirmed.

Also in France is the Reseau Jean Bernard chasm, with 1,602 meters. Six times the Reseau has held the record for being the deepest.

La Torca del Cerro, in Picos de Europa, is the only Spanish that is on the list. It goes down to 1,589 meters.

In 2003 the Saram chasm was reached in Georgia. They descended to 1,543 meters.

Finally, the Cehi, in Slovenia , at 1,533 meters, is the deepest of the five that exist on Mount Kanin, on the border of this country with Italy.

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