FunWhite wine: Everything you need to know about one...

White wine: Everything you need to know about one of the most consumed beverages

We have various types of wines in Spain and we are fortunate that there are some of the most outstanding DOs. Specifically, white wine is one of the most famous, discover its types and properties. Do you know how it should be taken?

This broth is born as a product of the alcoholic fermentation of the must. Although in Spain we have production areas and we export to other countries, the most white wine consumed worldwide is in Luxembourg, Cecha Republic, Australia and New Zealand.

What you should know about white wine

How to take it

The ideal is to drink very cold, although there are also sweet white wines that can be drunk at room temperature. In any case, it is the favorite of the hottest days because we want cool and it is one of the excellent drinks for them.

Connoisseurs make it known that it is better to serve it and drink it over 9 degrees if it is a young wine, although it is taken at about 11 degrees when we speak of a wine fermented in barrels.

When it comes to combining it with different foods, there is currently no general rule. For years it has been preferred that fish are for white wine and meats for reds, but the combinations can be numerous.

It is preferred to take the aperitif and the first courses. Like salads, pasta, creams, soups, and somewhat lighter dishes . With paellas, rice and fish it is also the favorite, but there are young red wines that also marry all of this.

As for the type of glass that is preferred to drink this type of broth, there are different ones, but it is normal to do it with a smaller one because it is said that this way you can take care of oxygenation and temperature.

Properties of white wine

Wine, in general, taken in moderation, is healthy. It is noteworthy that it is good for the heart as it has a phenolic compound that prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Other authors point out that it is usually good for managing diabetes and chronic kidney disease well, and it also reduces blood pressure.

It offers an important antioxidant function, thanks to polyphenols, and for this reason it is favorable for delaying the aging process of the skin.

Among its properties it also has minerals such as phosphorus and potassium. Either way, it is your doctor who should recommend how many drinks you can have, but it is a versatile drink that offers a variety of benefits.


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