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Who beat Tyrannosaurus rex?

“The king of the tyrant lizards.” This is the literal meaning of the name Tyrannosaurus rex . For many, the largest land predator in the history of the earth.

However, in the third installment of the Jurassic Park saga we witnessed the death of a tyrannosaurus, until then, the most feared dinosaur in fiction. Dr. Alan Grant and the rest of the characters flee the scene when Tyrannosaurus rex and Spinosaurus engage in a fight to the death. The confrontation is settled with the victory of Spinosaurus , who ends up breaking T. rex ‘s neck with a bite. If these dinosaurs had faced each other in real life, who would win?

In the movie, the main villain is Spinosaurus , so he had to beat T. rex to make it clear which was the most dangerous creature. But this is not the only Tyrannosaurus rex confrontation that we can see in fiction. Not another thing, but putting very strong bugs to fight each other seems to be one of the favorite hobbies of human beings.

What dinosaurs has Tyrannosaurus rex faced?

Without abandoning the plane of fiction, one of the first confrontations recreated with Tyrannosaurus rex as the protagonist was against Triceratops . A 1918 film already fantasized about this fight between predator and prey, as did the mural painted by Charles R. Knight in 1942 for the Field Museum of Natural History.

In addition to the aforementioned duel against Spinosaurus , the Jurassic Park saga has shown us Tyrannosaurus rex in fierce encounters against velociraptors , Imdominus rex and, in the release to be released, Jurassic World: Dominion , it is possible that he will have to face Giganotosaurus .

If we go to the video game world, the opponents for Tyrannosaurus rex can be chosen à la carte. In the title Ark: Survival Evolved , we drive a human on an island populated by dinosaurs. Tyrannosaurus rex roams freely through these virtual landscapes and attacks anything that moves in front of its snout. In Jurassic World Evolution you can manage your own dinosaur park, breed the species you consider and, of course, pit them against each other. On YouTube there are authentic battle royales to see which dinosaur remains alive in massive combat between the deadliest carnivores and predators.

Which dinosaur was stronger than Tyrannosaurus rex ?

What does science say about these clashes? From the outset, we feel the disappointment, most of these confrontations could not take place in reality . Each species of dinosaur belongs to a different time and geographical space. Not to mention Indominus rex , which is directly an invented species.

Tyrannosaurus rex lived in the late Cretaceous, about 68 to 66 million years ago, in present-day North America. There I can deal with Triceratops or the armored dinosaur Ankylosaurus . They could hardly have had a chance against T. rex .

If we remove the physical and chronological barriers and Tyrannosaurus faced other powerful dinosaurs, which one of them could defeat him? Well, possibly none .

The Tyrannosaurus rex species had a huge skull that carried robust teeth with the ability to tear flesh and even crush the bones of its prey, with a bite force of 35,000 newtons (it bit very, very hard, wow). From the best preserved fossilized skeletons we know that it could reach 13 meters in length and 9 tons in weight. The bones around its head and neck were prepared to house the most powerful muscles of any carnivore.

Spinosaurus could have been a problem for him. Possibly the largest land carnivore, exceeding the length of T. rex by two meters. In addition to a larger size, although its force in each bite was weaker than that of T. rex , Spinosaurus had longer arms equipped with powerful claws. Therefore, in a confrontation, neither of them would come out unscathed. They have weapons of plenty of lethality so that the fray was quite bloody. Still, it would be like the best heavyweights in boxing: the first to land a good blow would be victorious. If Tyrannosaurus rex was able to reach Spinosaurus with a bite, the fight would probably end there.

In short, perhaps Tyrannosaurus rex had no terrestrial rival capable of defeating it throughout the age of the dinosaurs. He is the king of the lizards for a reason.


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