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Why did some dinosaurs have long necks?

diplodocus Long-necked dinosaurs did not develop this attribute to attract females or to fight their adversaries, according to the results of a study from the University of Bristol, in the United Kingdom. After analyzing the Diplodocus fossil remains, Mike Taylor and his colleagues say that it does not appear that the long neck had a sexual purpose , since if the reason was that, the males would have had a longer cervix compared to the females or vice versa. They thus disprove the theory that argues that sauropods that inherited longer necks due to a chance mutation were more attractive to females, and that the length of the neck was indicative of their virility and suitability to spawn.

The neck was also not designed for defense and combat , because it was not thick enough not to be damaged by blows.

Another possibility is that it was simply beneficial when foraging for food in the tallest trees.

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