FunWhy do butterflies like to perch on our finger?

Why do butterflies like to perch on our finger?

Butterflies , especially in tropical areas, are very friendly to perch on the sweaty parts of our body . They prefer the palm of the hands and, above all, the tear of the eyes.

This curious behavior is one more method that these Lepidopterans use to get their daily ration of minerals and salts . These trace elements are scarce in your usual diet, which is preferably composed of pollens and vegetable juices. That is why it is not uncommon to see flocks of butterflies perched on other animals in certain areas of the banks of lakes and rivers, on ripe fruits and even sucking the secretions that flow from decomposing corpses.

Some naturalists who visit the African continent have been able to see how large groups of butterflies are concentrated in the excavations carried out by other animals, mainly elephants, since in this way they access minerals and salts.

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