FunWhy do potato chip bags have air inside?

Why do potato chip bags have air inside?

We cannot lie if we say that potato chip bags are the best complement to a soft drink, wine or beer . But the same thing happens to everyone when they open a bag of any flavor: it has a lot of air and few potatoes.

The truth is that in many cases it seems that the brand of the product is trying to get the most out of the least content. But in reality the fact that the potato chip bags have more or less air does not depend on a decision for greater performance, it is rather the opposite, it is a way of protecting the product.

Oxygen and other gases

The air that makes up a bag of potato chips is a mixture of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. By having nitrogen in much greater quantities than we usually breathe, it ensures that, since there is less oxygen presence, the potatoes in the bag do not get to oxidize.

This mixture of gases encourages the french fries we consume to reach our hands in the best way thanks to this packaging. Nitrogen, for example, is an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas , and therefore does not affect the taste of potatoes at all.

By bringing together several gases in the same container, first it helps the flavors to be perfectly maintained, and later, they help so that if the bags suffer any impact, the content is not affected.

This important function of the gases that a bag of crisps contains makes the product perfectly preserved until it reaches the consumer’s hands.

The truth is that this packaging process is not only predominant for potato chip bags. Using nitrogen so that the products arrive in perfect conditions at the distributor, store or supermarket, is quite common since it is a gas that does not influence the product at all, especially food, and that usually keeps it very well until it arrives. to the client.

This process is possible because during automatic packaging, thanks to the N2 generators, all kinds of gases can be incorporated into the product for your benefit.

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