FunWhy do we get hungry at night and how...

Why do we get hungry at night and how to avoid it?

It is a feeling that everyone has had. It is three in the morning and our stomach is activated asking us for food to calm it down. What should you be hungry for at night? The scientific studies that have been developed in this regard mostly conclude that stress and lack of sleep may be reasons why our body needs to eat at the hours that should be conducive to rest.

This irrepressible urge to devour food, almost always with fat and filling as much as possible, can eventually generate fatigue and imbalances in our body, becoming an unhealthy practice for our body.

Rest, the key

This hunger at night could be defined as a sudden increase in appetite that is more linked to psychological than physical issues. The sensation of night hunger can be generated despite the fact that we have eaten well, even food rich in fat that always tends to satisfy our nighttime appetite in a more overwhelming way.

In studies carried out by Columbia University, they have concluded that this nighttime appetite is closely related to lack of sleep. The less rest we have, the more we want to eat at dawn.

This condition will only increase our voracity, making us hungry almost all the time, and with it, our overweight. This is because our body tries to alleviate those hours of sleep that we lack with food due to a decrease in lepatin and a proportional increase in ghrelin and cortisol levels.

Store fat

In these studies developed at Columbia University, they show that hunger at night is a strategy of our own body to store fat during the summer, as a reserve for the colder times.

Our body interprets that, having fewer hours of rest, it is necessary to ingest greater amounts of food, rich in fats, with the sole objective of replenishing energy , even though we are in bed resting.

In this sense, the researchers also point to another determining factor for this hunger to control our actions at night: stress. The combination of sleep-stress is conducive to hunger appearing at any time of the day , so the body is ready to eat 24 hours a day.


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