LivingWhy is International Youth Day celebrated?

Why is International Youth Day celebrated?

In 1999 , the United Nations General Assembly declared August 12 as International Youth Day . This date became the perfect occasion to honor people between the ages of 18 and 29 , the largest generation in history to date. According to the UN, young people are fundamental agents in social change and key players in economic development and technological innovation . He also declared that this large sector of the population is one of those that is suffering the most from the consequences of the economic crises and humanitarian problems that are currently being experienced such as wars or human rights violations.

This day celebrates the opportunities this generation has to change the world and the energy and enthusiasm with which they face this challenge. Trying to improve the world left to them by adults will be a tough mission to tackle for decades to come.

Science is still determined to find a way to partially delay aging, but despite recent advances and social awareness of body care, it seems that slowing down the passage of time is still an impossible mission . Therefore, we must try to enjoy what life offers at all times , so that when we reach old age we are happy to have squeezed that forbidden fruit that is youth to the fullest.

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Providing opportunities to professional profiles under 30 years of age, with soft skills and technical skills, represents an important asset, as well as a competitive advantage.

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0.25% of public spending next year will go to early childhood care, while for pensions it will be 19.8% of the total Expenditure Budget, says the CIEP.

Empowering future generations

Something that changed my perspective was understanding that we should not work for young people but with young people because there is a lot to learn together, Ricardo Triana shares.