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Will the corona pandemic end in 2022? Christian Drosten sees a problem

Virologist Christian Drosten gives vaccinated people hope that the corona pandemic will end – unvaccinated people, on the other hand, are “really in danger”.

Frankfurt / Berlin – Because of the highly contagious Omikron variant, the number of infections with the coronavirus is increasing almost all over the world. Numerous countries are introducing measures to prevent a new wave and to save the health system from a possible collapse.

An infection with Omikron is likely to have a milder course, as initial studies show. And overall, the findings on Omikron are “gratifying,” said Christian Drosten most recently on Twitter. However, a rapid increase in the incidence could “nullify” the effect, said the virologist at the same time. Now Drosten warns again, from a virological point of view, but also with regard to the economy and society: Germany could experience disadvantages if a problem with the corona vaccinations persists.

Omicron variant of the coronavirus: booster vaccinations required

An important property of the corona variant B.1.1.529 – called omicron – is that it can circumvent the protective effect of the corona vaccines approved in this country. The vaccines, whether from Biontech / Pfizer, Moderna or Astrazeneca, only work partially. Researchers largely agree that a double vaccination is not enough to be protected. The manufacturers are currently working on adapting the vaccines to the Omikron variant.

A third boost vaccination, also known as a booster vaccination, was, according to Drosten, “very efficient” against Omikron, as he now explained in an interview with Deutschlandfunk shortly before the end of the year. The virologist assumes that everyone needs a booster shot with an update vaccine to be broadly protected. In addition, it is likely that the incidence will rise again next winter, so that people at risk will need another booster.

Drosten about Corona: Germany has “large vaccination gaps” and “special problem”

According to Drosten, Germany has a kind of “special problem” in the corona pandemic, because: “We have too many unvaccinated people in Germany, especially over 60. And of course they are really in danger,” said the head of virology at the Charité in Berlin. “This will consequently also prevent us from entering the endemic phase in Germany, and that will bring us an extreme social and economic disadvantage compared to other countries if we don’t manage it. That will catch up with us again next winter. ”Among the large industrialized countries in Europe, there is no other country that has such a large vaccination gap as Germany.

Moving from a pandemic to an endemic phase would mean that while the coronavirus will continue to spread – it won’t simply go away when the pandemic ends – it will be less dangerous. The number of illnesses would remain relatively constant. The virus would then be roughly comparable to the typical cold viruses, which also include other coronaviruses.

Virologist Drosten: Corona pandemic could be over in 2022 – for vaccinated people

The virologist gives all those who want to be vaccinated the hope of a return to something like normality in the coming year: “I assume that we will actually be in a completely normal state with the people who are ready and willing to vaccinate. The pandemic will be over for these people. “

But if Germany does not manage to close the vaccination gap, these people should continue to show consideration for “those who simply do not understand that they have to go to the vaccination and do their part”. That is why masks will probably still be needed indoors in winter, for example. “But I do not believe that we will then still have this burden on the hospitals on a large scale,” said Drosten.

With regard to the current infection situation in Germany, Drosten expects a clear base of numbers in mid-January. Omikron is expanding in Germany with a delay due to existing measures. The variant is already dominant in Great Britain and other European countries. In this country it is still distributed quite unevenly. (lrg)

Drosten with an optimistic forecast: the end of the pandemic in 2022 – on...

Despite the increasing numbers due to Omikron, Christian Drosten is unusually optimistic. He believes the pandemic will end in 2022 if an important measure is implemented.

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