NewsWinter alarm: Now comes the snow front

Winter alarm: Now comes the snow front

Winter is coming! At night, a snow front pulls up in the west. Caution! It can get really slippery on the streets.

Munich – A snow front threatens from the west. Deep “Gerrit” moves in a strip from Allgäu – Franconian Alb – Rhön – East Westphalia to Bremen. There can be a “white surprise” there on Tuesday morning, says meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather portal . “The regions between the North Sea and the Black Forest are particularly affected.”

Winter in Germany: snow front from the west threatens

In fact, white flakes can be expected all the way down. “It can get really slippery on the streets,” warns the weather expert. “Below 200 to 300 meters it is mostly just slush, above that also snow-covered roads.”

The maximum values for the weather * are between -1 degrees in Western Pomerania and 7 degrees on the Upper Rhine. “In the north-east there is a slight permafrost, more than 0 degrees are hardly reached there. It’s wintry there, otherwise it’s rather dingy and wet and cold, ”summarizes Wetterfrosch Jung.

Snow * into the lowlands on Tuesday morning is also possible according to the forecast by the German Weather Service (DWD). The precipitation coming from the west falls consistently above 300 to 400 meters as snow, at lower altitudes partly as rain, partly as snow. By Tuesday noon, the DWD experts are counting on: “Amounts of fresh snow mostly between 1 and 4 centimeters and slush through slush. In the southern dam of the western and southwestern low mountain range there is also 5 to 10 centimeters of fresh snow locally. There is usually light snowfall and fresh snow from 1 to 4 centimeters to be expected.

Schneefront zieht aus dem Westen auf. Aus Westen ziehen Niederschläge auf, die fallen anfangs bis runter als Schnee, dahinter eher als Schneeregen und Regen!


Snow front is coming in from the west. Precipitation comes in from the west, initially falling down as snow, behind it more as sleet and rain!

Weather in Germany: This is how it will continue in the coming days

Monday (6.12) 0 to 6 degrees, cold, wet weather, lots of clouds, hardly any sun and a little sleet or rain
Tuesday (7.12) -1 to 6 degrees, from the west snow and sleet, otherwise dry and mostly wet and cold
Wednesday (8.12) -1 to 6 degrees, mixed, in the northeast light permafrost, otherwise some snow or sleet in places
Thursday (9.12) : -2 to 6 degrees, wet and cold weather with snow showers and sleet
Friday (10.12) 0 to 5 degrees, changeable, always rain and sleet
Saturday (11.12) -1 to 4 degrees, mixed, snow showers again and again
Third Advent – Sunday (12.12) 0 to 6 degrees, milder and rain showers, some sun

Winter forecast: the prospects for December 2021

“The winter can still not establish itself permanently. December 2021 is no comparison to the last extremely cold December 2021. At that time, it brought snow loads all over Germany and night frosts below minus 20 degrees. On the other hand, we are currently experiencing a dumpy winter again: wet and cold and just dirty weather, ”says meteorologist Jung.

From the 3rd Advent it will probably be a little milder. Individual weather models even calculate 13 or 14 degrees in the southwest. White surprises and a bit of winter are usually only available at night. Then the roads can become very slippery and slippery for a short time.
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